Go with you mother For the class war! Maybe in these few days of holiday you became rusty? Bonus Features “Elio Petri: R2 Italy – Minerva Classic Extras: This was a place where I worked. These are the presents that piecework gives you

So you see, you want to bet I finish off like militina? They want me dead! Look here, look at this stuff, look! We know you’re there! I was buried alive You’re going back to work! Come on fine me! You have to learn to discuss with us.

Why can’t I come in? Everyone must be in the picket-Lines The other scoundrels must fight lq the strength of united unions! In the dust, in the fog Or talking about football?

La Classe Operaia va in Paradiso (The Working Class Goes to Heaven) (Lulu the Tool)

We will return and try again, listen to the workers But the fight has not ended Every hour is an hour of our life] Clasze, your assembly has decided on 2 hours of strikes For the regularization of the piecework.

They feel it at Here’s you freedom and liberty Do whatever you like. Where do I put it? Lulu, what you gave was decisive Well? What you doing, checking?


Where you going engineer!? Massa, you can’t come in It’s because whilst you obey your boss no one touches you The Working Class Goes to Heaven is a true manifesto that fight to the rights of the working men. I concentrate with my brain They’re crazy those guys, leave it alone, don’t get involved Lulu, it’s the clxsse, it all starts there At the lunatic asylum, was I there?

Because after you will behave oeraia that -The eggs! We are divided, and we are few. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Maybe in these few days of holiday you became rusty? No one must go into the factory, not even the directors!

United against the unionists Who pays those guys? Laradiso you remember the slaps he gave you? This one they will pay for Tell him it’s important! Who pays those guys? I was a piecework laborer. Lulu loses a finger in a work accidentwhich the workers blame on the faster times.

The Working Class Goes to Heaven – Wikipedia

Let’s show the owners our strength! Then please visit our forums and let us know! Look here, look at this stuff, look! Starts to move Arms, legs, mouth, tongue Have you gone mad? Who is in favor of striking to the end, raise your hand! He’s not your father that guy You cut our times, and we cut our fingers! The struggle against the whole. At this moment students discuss the essential problems of their life! What do I care? We will shift our struggle to a tougher level Workers!


You’re not going inside Are we going to school? And who doesn’t immediately leave work now, is a scoundrel! Go and have fun, you who have money! What did you do?

Let me show us their faces! What you doing in there alone?

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First they run me over, then they fire me! She works at a hairdressers These are the comrades. You are entering prison!

And without a friend