KayDani is a scrub hahahahaa1! I should get to that as well. I would give it a I’ll always come back to it. Well, honestly, I really have nothing to report. Sign In Create an Account Cancel.

It is only visible to you. I especially loved some of the beautiful graphics, colors, background music, and the art style. This results in parties becoming difficult to find over time because no one wants to burn their resources on potential failure. What was once one of the hardest dungeons for non Maestro or Ruin Walker classes, would become a walk in the park. I’ve seen you around a few times but haven’t checked anything out. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

They were a big deal. Lv 1 – 2 Do the tutorial for your very first level up!

I always see Engineer types uses shotguns and I love them. A quest emphasized game is now available in making ely and experience.

Maps look gorgeous, monster design is interesting, and skill animation is cutesy yet still cool to look at. Failing either of these steps means your drop is useless.

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Some geospatial data 3fd this website is provided by geonames. Latale Season 2 Training to 88 Season 2 bought alot of changes to latale, like moving maps around etc. This system is obtuse, frustrating and complicated for the average new player.

I don’t mind constructive feedback and when I mean questing line I mean as in where you would go looking for more quests. Especially early S1 pre-Spooky and Coli, getting to 80 for 2nd jobs was kind of a struggle. Saitana Last Online 11 hrs, 53 mins ago. I tried giving the game an honest shot after the move to Papaya, I really did.


Different vendors sell at different prices. The methodology was similar to now, you’d go to the class advance center located in the abyss ruins back then and have to seasoon your way up a rope past a large mecha goblin that would smack you off said rope.

Actoz is clearly better lata,e than they are game designers, but i have a thing for art so I enjoy it regardless. My noob Blader solo grinding at Solar Farm. Its basically latae prehistoric place next to Ves that connects to the jungle. The art and music are great and there are things about the game I really enjoy, it’s why I stuck with it so long.

Personally I want every item in this to be changed to be like Demigod’s weapon where it doesn’t get destroyed upon failure.

Mostly as a result of the dodging aspect. This blog is dedicated to documenting my achievements as a player in La Tale, but also doubles as a newsletter for current events happening in La Tale. Inwe’d get quesr server relocation, and with it, a short burst in the amount of players playing.

Season 2 drags La Tale to become an even more latency required game.

Latale 10 years later, then and now

After that, I started to focus on my Gunslinger again and eventually made it to duelist status: The new pace is cool because it allows you to much more quickly try out new classes if you want can get to for subclass in like 2 days of casual play, or for 4th job in like 3 But the issues of zipping through Jienda become apparent.


It took 12 days of nonstop grinding to get a sorceror to lv 80, no lifing at that and some level ranges were unforgiving, such as lv or so when the only option was crabs, which hurt a LOT.

But 3ed still failed on me. It makes item-pick-up quests very easy however only has a 7 Day limit and cannot be revived unlike the ugly egg. You can usually find me on AaronDesu in Elias Ch. It’s an endless cycle seasonn the way to endgame, refer to Cyrilic’s post above. The quests here are good like Ktuka ruins. Great job doing that, but I would like to see some pvp changes. With my main, lv Dragoon, i could still get very unlucky and die from being stunlocked by a bunch of lv kobolds, as i had 9k hp and one shot from them hit for 1k, Even with the high latzle rates.

S1 especially early S1, imagine a time before Toad Island or Spooky existed LOL was fairly brutal and slow, probably too much so, but I enjoyed that there were more milestones along the way.