By JSuper kaur views. Amrita succeed in decoding the language mentioned in Trisha’s internet diary. By Tez News views. Doc comes and says Amrita that Trisha got a head injury and needs surgery immediately, she has to sign a consent form that if anything happens during surgery, she will not blame hospital. Meghan says she knows and says you and Bobby used to do whatever she used to ask and I used to get jealous. She says she has proof to prove him innocent and asks him to meet him. Laut Aao Trisha – 6th November

She goes to serve him breakfast and asks how was his first day as CEO. He then starts manhandling her and says he will teach her a lesson now and pushes her on bed. An actress, Shanaya, is accused of murdering a film producer, Sohanlal, and a writer, Jatin. Meghan and Vivan come there and say Amrita that they have a surprise for her. He explains plan to them and ask them not to make any mistake this time. By Rolling Frames Entertainment views. Docs take her to operation theatre. By The Synergies views.

Embed Detail Comments Autoplay. Vivan says we will celebrate it and take her to a room where they have decorated it with balloons. Another lqut informs him about Pratik coming to a shopping mall. Amrita says why is he drinking as soon as coming back from hospital. Janta TV News Channel: Amrita starts crying vigorously.

Laut Aao Trisha – 17th November 2014 : Ep 86

He and his officer reach shopping mall and watch live CCTV footage. Bobby becomes frightened on eppisode that Meghan is missing from aaao house and informs Kushaan about the same. Trisha asks how does she know always that it is her.


The Swaika family celebrates Shanya’s birthday. Amrita hears her voice and hides. Kabeer sees that man is not Pratik and stops Abhay from confronting that man and asks him to be alert. Ep 18 Kabir alerts Amrita that her family members are not trustworthy.

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She says she will speak to him later. We try to take out time from our work for our passion i. Kushan thinks why did not Kabeer find Trisha, where did she go. Trisha says it is her birthday today. He says he has an idea and tells epidode about his plan.

He stops her and says nobody should tell what he has to do and says he cannot tolerate he and came here for his daughters and not her. Lavanya asks him to relax and says she will go to hospital and find out how Trisha is and will handle everything. Like us on Facebook – https: Lavanya asks Kushan how can he do this, she is doing som many things to unite her family, but he ruined his own life.

Stay azo for all the breaking news in Hindi! Kabeer thinks how to tell Amrita that he found her daughter in injured state.

Trisha requests her to save her and dissappears. Abhay sees a man and informs Kabeer that Pratik is standing. She reminisces last birthday where Trisha shop a lot and gives her a gift, but she scolds her and leaves. He then starts manhandling her and says he will teach her a lesson now and pushes her on bed. Gaurav says even he was trying Pratik since a long time, but he luat not pick call.


Pratik informs Prem that Shanya invited Kabir for her birthday.

Lavanya comes and says it was very bad and asks Gaurav wao can he sign a business deal with Mehtas. She says she can understand how much difficult it is to tolerate Amrita, but she is worried about his reputation and media may report about their illegal relationship and his case may weaken. Like 0 Dislike 0. Sonali asks her to stop talking to a CEO like this. He gets tensed and says if it happens, there is no option than killing her before she opens her mouth.

Meanwhile, being fed-up with her miserable life, Trisha attempts suicide. By Bollywood Spy 1 views. Kabir suffers from depression on recalling a past incident. Will Kabir be able to find Trisha? Trisha says this will not nove,ber. He is shocked to hear that.

He says Amrita and Neha and informs his officers to be alert and spy on them now.