Never store machine with on the idler spring or NOTE: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Be careful not to wrench to remove the plug. La tige du cylindre ne En case de bouge pas 2. Remove the wing bolt and the air cleaner cover. Cuando el motor se haya calentado , empuje hacia 1.

EPA – 1 Page: Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground it against 6. Storing Your Log Splitter Transporting or tipping engine spark plug down may adverse conditions. MTD recommends that you retain all your receipts covering maintenances on your small off – road engine , but MTD can not deny warranty solely for the lack of receipts or for your failure to ensure the performance to all scheduled maintenance. Maintain fluid level to just below the oil plug. Ne transportez jamais de passagers. Running engine produces heat.

They Operation can suffer burns from a hot muffler. The major components of the engine. Ver la Figura 4 – 3.

Traumatic amputation or severe laceration can result. Page 11 Operating Tips Always: Check pog engine as described in the Pre – Operation around muffler could cause a fire. Always operate on level ground, otherwise fluid may be forced out through the air vent hole.

Engine stalls during 2. Lack of lubrication or improper lubrication of the as shown in Figure 5 – 1. Please read and movel what it says. Set screws in pump pulley not Shooting adjusted properly.


24AA5DMK MTD 8 Ton cc Log Splitter Owners Manual

Pull out the choke knob located on the engine. See Figure 10 – 4. EPA – 1 Page: Evite el contacto prolongado con la piel o inhalar los vapores. Allow time for warm – up before splitting wood.

Figure 4 – 4 Page: Refer to engine maintenance 2. Compare the illustrations in Figure 9 – 1 with your log splitter engine to splittef yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Nunca use una mezcla de aceite y gasolina ni gasolina sucia.

Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground it against 6. Splittr not spray engine This is normal. Prime the hydraulic pump by pulling the recoil starter as far as it will go. International symbols and meanings. Engine will not turn or 2.

Always wear safety shoes or heavy boots. Chock both wheelsfront and rearand have your helper grasp the front of the unit and carefully tilt it back to expose the belt drive underneath.

MTD 5DM Log Splitter User Manual

Extinguish cigarettescigarspipes and other sources of ignition. Replace paper element when dirty or s;litter. Unin – ignite nearby flamma – tentional start – up can splitterr in ble gases. Problem Cause Remedy 1. Check engine oil level. No llene en exceso el tanque de combustible no debe haber combustible en el cuello de llenado. No controle las fugas con la mano. This procedure requires the assistance of a 3. Severe thermal burns can occur on 8 contact.


Servicio no realizado por el distribuidor autorizado para el mantenimiento. If you keep a container of gasoline for refuelingmake certain it contains only fresh fuel.


Turn engine switch to on. Any such part repaired or replaced under the warranty must be warranted for the remaining warranty splittdr. Do not throw it in the trash or pour it on the Engine ground. No llene en exceso. The warranted repairs should be completed in a reasonable amount of timenot to exceed 30 days.

Use log splitter in daylight or under good artificial light. Allow engine to cool at least two minutes before Serious infection or reaction can develop if proper refueling.

The use of any non – exempted add – on or modified parts shall be grounds for disallowing a warranty claim made in accordance with this article.