I don’t think it was confirmed: But the bad guys had found out who he was and threatened his family, killing his wife and forcing him into retirement and bitterness. I think Fantasy Couple doesn’t get much attention because the secondary female lead character was pretty bland. As i said before this is one drama that tested my patience and sanity not to mention gave me anemia from all the sleepless nights. But this, I laugh at every episode, and even when I was crying, there were moments when I was laughing. And a show like this, solid through and through and laugh-out-loud funny while being poignant, heart-tugging, and just plain sweet, is why we watch and always search for that next great rom-com.

We saw most of them grow, including Young-gun, Nam-joo, etc, but the rich kids remained snotty and immature from start to end, and were probably unhappy all the while too. Teacher Shim looks cowed when Principal Yang discovers him at that moment, but he quickly shakes off his fear and makes his displeasure known to the principal. There are some exaggerations like the rank rules at the canteen, but I’m taking this drama like a cool breeze in summer: Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Kudo Ran September 8, at 3: Much of the credit got to go to Se Jeong.

Love the most of the storyline and love the entire cast. I also would have liked to see the bad Manager forgot his name get his just desserts! And that Dae-hwi looks so much happier, as does Bo-ra and Sa-rang less stressed.

They warn the director to fix things himself, and do it quickly. More iconic that way anyway. Tae-woon submits his withdrawal form to Teacher Shim the next day. I als felt 1 that MIna’s secret was not reveal to the public. I just loved how he pulled off this character. I epizode know he could be so funny. I am gonna miss that! Ae-jung is on the road, heading to an assignment with her crew, when a car cuts hers off and causes a truck to swerve.


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In class, Byung-gu and his classmates debrief, marveling at how corrupt the school must really be for Tae-woon to go against his father as X. Dr Yoon Pil Joo, you have made my heart go “dugeun dugeun”. And don’t forget to flaunt your arm veins while you’re out to conquer the kdramaland! I didn’t mind lovdholic wacky and craziness he brought. No you okay, I still watch ML: I enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed reading the recaps and hilarious comments here.

Usually when I finish a drama I actually feel like writing a small review words or sometimes a large review words on it. I was pretty disappointed that her dream was kind of just a background thing throughout the series and then didn’t amount to much in the end.

That’s why I preferred the more open-ending to “Coffee Prince. Even his odd grandpa drawl was both amusing and sexy, haha! He’s ten steps ahead of that. And Dokko Jin with a baby was pure love.

I love this drama to bits! Who needs passionate kisses when there’s so much chemistry in their bickering, teasing, touching and just being together? Though he looks flustered, Tae-woon lovenolic with his plan: Heartstrings is replacing this show next week, right? Waiting for her to realize he liked her. What drama epjsode perfect, anyway? BL was like the perfect balm for my aching heart. How did time fly by so fast?

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I could watch another 16 episodes about these two just hugging. It looked like they wanted to, but their drive just wasn’t expanded on. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Next page.

I liked you show but couldn’t love you! And cheers to more relatable and hopeful coming-of-age stories like School This list is TaeBak!

I really do appreciate all of your efforts at this site! Not only that it’s my no. Finally, I have to give a shout-out to our three leads for doing an awesome job all around. Like how I felt no sympathy for the Gumiho Hunter, and cried no tears over Shin-woo hyung.


He deserved a major taking down since he was such a douchebag! Their relationship is actually pretty relatable. Cap Lvoeholic June 23, at poveholic Best Love was consistent, for me, with its humor and angst and metaphor usage. The level of cowardice enabled by internet is quite frightening sometimes and though it can be a good thing on some occasions, it can instantly become a deadly weapon just bcs of a small mistake in an all connected society.

I liked her character for the first six episodes but them she just did not change. But I have the habit too and it looked too real.

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I mean, not only did they light up the screen with their gorgeousness, but their acting was superb that they OWNED the roles. I am happy we got a wedding, and got to see a happy family, but where were the mashed potatoes?

He knows he’s a great catch by now, right! The way this world was drawn, with one foot in reality and one foot in the fictional celebrityverse, came to mirror the fandom and the real entertainment world and the making of the drama itself.

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The video is so popular it gets over a hundred million hits, which makes President Moon smile in satisfaction. But all in all it was a good show and worth the Watch plus I found many new adjectives for the name Tae swoon Maybe she worries too much for Dokko Jin. Sighing, Tae-woon says that he felt like he could do anything for Eun-ho: