Although their situation would’ve been alot less complicated if the couple had at least waited till Hikaru turned 18 before they embarked on such a controversial relationship, but if they had waited, then there wouldn’t even be a story or a purpose would it? Besides that, it is a pretty good drama, a must watch and the song by Utada Hikaru is simply one of the best!!! Here the high school teacher falls for a 17 year old boy, which could happen alright, but instead of taking the right measures, resigning from the school and agreeing to wait until the boy is older, it gets all muddled up. Reviewed by Wynter on 22 June It was one of the “can’t stop watching it! Then that started their interaction with each other at school and when the time Michi got bullied, they ditched school together and that started their attraction with each other, I think it started when they met but I think it was confirmed at that time. It wuz this drama dat made me like him! The most touching one

An overall excellent drama! The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role. To finish off, let me just give you some food for thought. I’m not calling this drama porn, and I do know Hideki Takizawa is an adult in real life. I’ve always been especially interested in “abnormal” relationships such as “student-teacher”, “brother-sister” sorta thing. Hikaru studies hard for college and decides to become a doctor.

Wonderfull, my synopiss also bought for me the cd! She redeemed herself in the latter part of the show, the experiences she and Hikaru went through made her stronger and more mature, she knows she makes mistakes on her decisions and yet I don’t think she ever regrets any of them. I vote for idiocy on her part since like, was she stupid or what ; she’s a teacher first and foremost, she should understand why there are rules that prohibits the teacher-student relationship since not many adults actually falls in love and just end up taking advantage of the student.

Though he has been in love with her for years he was never able to tell her.

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She gives a very compelling performance and you really feel for her and wish that somehow her relationship with Hikaru will work out. No guts – Nno he likes not even love the teacher, he should at least stand up for her when she was bullied.


Michi and Hikaru contact each other again and try to escape, only for Michi to be arrested again. Michi Hirose, a year-old high school teacher who is engaged to a man that she is unsure she loves.

Anyways, that was just for the disturb viewers. So be warned, this drama joukenn definitely not for those looking for a light-hearted drama to enjoy.

The drama reminded me a lot of Aoi tori aka Bluebird which is about syonpsis illicit love affair between a station master and a married woman. But how mano one really turn a blind eye to such a criminal and dangerous premise in the first place?

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The only drawback for me about the series itself was the ending, it was abit confusing and left viewers hanging Very controversial but also SO romantic!

I was truly touched by their love in the series, and I do support them. This was the first drama that I’d ever seen, so call me biased but First Love by Hikaru Utada. Hikaru’s mother quickly becomes suspicious of their relationship.

Besides that, it is a pretty good drama, a must watch and the song by Utada Hikaru is simply one of the best!!! I guess it might have been appealing to me if the sunopsis still looked physically compatible yes, visual compatibility is majk factor in the plausibility of dorama relationships a la Return of the Condor Heroes aka Shen Diao Xia Lu where student Yang Guo still looks physically compatible with Teacher Xiao Long Nu.

I read the plot summary. No reviews have been submitted for this title. No direction, no goals, spoiled child – no responsibility whatsoever in his life compare to the students in GTO, they are cute because they are responsible to themselves, they may not good in academics but they devote themselves in some other areas with enthusiasm.

Social issues greatly influence the people. For love, you can sacrifice all; sunshine will always come after rain.

Majo no jouken

The place of freedom we so desperately desire in our own lives was shown to me and to others who have seen this and who will see this.

Yamada Maiko’s character provides an interesting story, however, it seems tangential and destroys the unity of the drama. Regardless, I figured that joukfn the drama also stars Matsushima Nanako, then there could be a chance of survival.

Matsushima Nanako did an excellent job with the character and truly brought her to life. I rated this drama originally 9 but changed it to 8 because when I thought back on the story, while it tackled synosis difficulties that one may encounter if they pursue a teacher-student relationship, there are many parts of the story that I believed are used to detract from the taboo relationship, like to make it more acceptable, let’s have a maji who’s too possessive of her son’s affection and the fiancee who turned violent when he can’t get Michi back.


Look around you, teachers becoming involved with their students has become more and more common in our society nowadays, though it may be considered a crime and wrong, but it DOES happen alot. But I didn’t like some parts of this drama, I don’t know why, but it gets weird at times, specially Hikaru’s mother manner. Comments by reft [Rating: It has a serious ambition to be a good and moving drama, but because of this, when cliches stack upon eachother, it’s hard to enjoy the few actual good parts.

The 91st Academy Awards isn’t the first year the show won’t have a host, but it will be the first time since the Snow White and Rob Lowe incident. Reviewed by reft on 12 May Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: Reviewed by shiruchsn on 13 November To finish off, let me just give you some food for thought.

Majo no jouken [魔女の条件] ::

Retrieved from ” https: It shouldn’t really affect you that much, because after all it is np a story. Get ready for a long-winded one, folks: Reviewed by linda on 15 December Reviewed by HimuraGirl on 29 August Wow, nno scene was very touching and sensual. Aside from the obvious central issue, we also see an almost incestual obsessive mother, a short-tempered selfish father, power-hungry colleagues, possessive exes, child abuse, and still more, all serving to create as much unnecessary grief as possible for the lead couple.

It’s a must see. This is a realli great drama! No characters for this manga have been added to this title. This poor ickle teacher only got a full-time position because her father works in the field.

Hikaru has a strained relationship with his overprotective mother, who expects him to eventually take over the hospital she manages. Michi and Hikaru move around over the next few months until his mother tracks them down and has Michi arrested. Motoko Hirose 11 episodes, Kazunaga Tsuji