THAT would make me pledge money. I second the last comment, though. Fairy Gertrude Mary Roses Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It’s still floating around youtube all these years later if you take the time to look. Where did this village come from? Yes No Report this.

The next Dungeon Siege movie? Like, we’re talking potential Tommy Wiseau levels of bad here. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. May 4, at 4: Consider a typical scene from Maradonia, where Maya and Joey arrived at a village and are greeted by a crowd of people, and what would go into creating that scene: What minute feature film? I really hope that she grows a brain someday, otherwise her life is going to end up like the child actors we see on the news doing crack and flashing everyone just to have people notice them. All links must lead to a news article, video, image, or audio host.

You have been warned. I’ve seen better special effects in youtube videos. April 30, at 7: I desperately hope I am wrong. They could have every action sequence take place off-screen.

Make a movie of course. Remove all personal and social media usernames before submitting.

General Genarius Kevin Narwich Was this review helpful to you? Honestly, watching that, I just feel bad for everyone involved.


Maybe Jeremy Irons should have come to chew the scenery. All of this is required…for a very simple, very short scene where they arrive at a village. Hoodman Commander Nishant Gogna Turns out that the Tesches pulled a fast one on all of us: And the movie trailer is simply epic. July 31, at 5: There are a lot of people who made bad, independent movies, and they acknowledge that the movie was bad but they still enjoyed it and still hold some pride in it.

The State of the Maradonia Movie

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Then you have the various mythical creatures and talking animals. Search for ” Maradonia and the Shadow Empire ” on Amazon. Fill in your details below or click an icon camcelled log in: It’s still floating around youtube all these years later if you take the time to look. To call Maradonia and the Shadow Empire a movie is to devalue the word “movie”.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Full Cast and Crew. Periodically, she glances off-screen toward her cue cards. May 5, at 2: Strange trailer, but the audio at 7: This site uses cookies.


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Of course, there are things the Tesches could do. Use the HTML below. But, I think they will run out of money and the entire project will fall apart and be abandoned.

Nothing would bring me greater joy than the Tesches finishing and releasing this movie. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. However, unlike book publishing, filmmaking is incredibly expensive.