I know up to the point where Aizen gets imprison is the real deal. Here is another webbie for some licensed anime that has been taken from crunchyroll. You chiong so many episodes in such a short time.. Even then, that might not be enough Almost crash the company. But i got only few collections now, before i used to collect cards, posters and specially some drawings made by me. I didnt go there cos i afraid that my luggage over weight.

There are so many episodes that I can’t seem to remember the previous arcs that much anymore. I wish Bleach can hurry up and show us how the Arrancar King gets his ass kicked. Robin the Witch Hunter! What is the nicest anime you’ve ever watched or are still watching? I haven’t watched for a very long time. Please sign up and login to rate this video.! Been too busy to watch any anime though Wow, hi.

Isn’t he the one in Dynasty Warriors Orochi?

It’s called Macross Frontier: Return to Login Forgot Password. I love also the character of crayon shinchan: I’ll be going there next week for KL Bike Week.

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Haven’t watched any yet. I just finish watching Gantz, in order to watch the movie version. I spotted a few funny looking geeks, carrying those pri school type schoolbags and big glasses with messy hair. All his efforts will prove fruitless… Read More Now a committee member, its up to Shingo to improve the declining atmosphere in his class.


ANyone have One Piece episode 1 to ? Bro, where did u watch the vids? Anime Network to Simulcast Persona 4: I like it too. Malaysia sells Taiwan comics also cheaper than Singapore, but still more ex than in Taiwan.

Didn’t watch hunter x hunter. The last part is emotional though The animae is abt the hot female lead cast Rosetto in search to save her bro Joshua from the devil, together with her gang of good friends while one lead unfold another I would rate the animae 7. Miu is back at it again, as Shingo and Sana find her once again in the club room caring for the abandoned kittens.

Gundam SEED would be awesome if not for the overly whiny children. But when the arc episode comes Add to My Shows. To be honest, I don’t know too.

Come join us for events like this We’ll just park our bikes at a prominent location and hope it becomes a big hoo ha. Naruto,Bleach,One piece,Eyeshield21,katekyo hitman,air gear,claymore Gundam 00 seriously not recommended.

Kara no Kyoukai Tsukihime Reason: The chemistry between Nodame and BF that she self-proclaim is very good. I think Kaizoku Fansubs still have the old series.


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Maybe I’ll even make a Sheryl Nome Custom bike: But this remake is bad. Anyone here watching Ergo Proxy? Which part of KL did you get your comics from? Can check with www.

I started watching One Piece during my final year of uni and managed to finish up to where Kaizoku Fansubs were. I just hope One Piece can quickly finish drawing. Need 25 vehicles for a major event next year Too much fighting my brain will go into “violent” mode LOL.

But I’m not sure this 2nd part is as interesting or not. Read Less Full Episode.

Mashiroiro Symphony: Love Is Pure White Episode 3 – NWAnime

The Color of Lovers 3 If you hear other audio sounds while the video is playing. For now it’s going nowhere.

Create Account Return to Login. Other series are also welcomed! Action pack with touching scenes.