It’s too bad that there are too many solid dramas out right now.. This is his first drama series in a year. I was very excited about this drama because the current dramas aren’t very great. Yeah, I find KTH overacting annoying,and the other actors lacking in their acting,too. And finally, in yesterday’s episode, when Seul is drunk, she kisses him on the cheek, letting down her guard thanks to the alcohol. As this goes on, Hae-young sees Seol growing dispirited and looks bothered himself, but Yoon-ju presses on — aware of her effect but not bothered by it. Problem with this drama is that it barely has an ost! Audible Download Audio Books.

I read the last page, sat there for a moment, then immediately turned to the first page and began reading again. Queen In Hyun rocks! So needed if I cannot read fast enough some times. Although i was interested in the teasers of Queen In-hyun’s man, i didnt know if it was worth adding to my long list of currently watching dramas. Jung-woo promises to do his best. Posted by Jae Won Fan at She must be a confident actor if she is willing to have an entire group of people hate her with a passion,.

What if the main guy have the same end of Henry. Armed men guard the perimeter, and he barrels right past them toward the gate. I also felt it was betrayal on his part I already like the prostitute even though we only see so much of her.

Even her own room is not her sacred space! Our hero leaves his home on horseback like a man on a mission. HY, please take note. Adobe Flash Player version qusen or above is required to play this audio clip. Gi Chul hands over a huge stack of cash and tells Hong Chul to adopt the girl and raise her well. What if you dramacrazg up losing your entire inheritance?


Just as the Chun family leaves, the Jang family comes home Jang had just picked up the kids and his wife from the skating rink after having a meeting about getting the last pieces of land needed for the growth of the shipyard. She immediately blames everything on Hae Joo.

May Queen Episode 26

She goes to hand it over to Hae Joo and the vase drops to the floor. I look at them and they make me smile, but I never thought Skillfully Boong-do parries, using the books and shelves as weapons, taking out one attacker. I meant his EYES. It allows him to pass through, only to land on the other side of the wall. I really like this show and a BIG Khamsanida for recapping dramacdazy in whatever capable you are able to do so.

Can he even bring her back with him if they decide they want that? Where are the episodes subbed? Posted by Jae Won Fan at 9: Kim Jae Won Main Cast. Thanks JB for the recap.

Baek Seung Hee Supporting Cast. This came out a little bit of a big deal because the leads are new in the genre, other than that. It turns out that the matter was covered up by Secretary Oh, who mah it best that he remain in the dark.


Really glad that they’re working these roles, and with all the staid drama so far this season really, and oddly, nothing has really caught my eye this is a gem. Your email address will not be published. Mama J April 25, at 2: Again, this is so refreshing. Episodes by LollyPip.

May Queen Korean Drama

And I just have to say this. She must be a confident actor if she is willing to have an entire group of people hate her with a passion.

And Boong-do seems like he might turn out pretty swoony too. I think grandpa didn’t know about the son’s plans to kill seul and her father; he probably only knew after seul’s father was knocked down Dan ditches the food at the bus stop — such a pill, that one — and heads to the dramcarazy empty-handed, where Yoon-ju greets her.

Oh, poor you and your heavy burden, scorpion queen. She gets home and is immediately scolded for being out so late while the other two kids were starving.

Please Gods of Dramas dont wpisode me right cause I am going to feel like this is some tipical mexican novela