You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Episode 50 Full Episode S 1: But the grandfather did not survive. Add Image S1, Ep2. Meanwhile, the creditor’s father Hae Joo Hee Chang even destroy the house. Baek Seung Hee Supporting Cast. Sabtu, 22 September Five Fingers Episode 9. Joo and Kang Hae San successfully developed a model thruster, however Il Moon and Chang Hee want to make sure new development they fall into the hands Cheonji.

Episode 44 Full Episode S 1: Audible Download Audio Books. JangDug gives a piece of advice to JangGeum, telling her to learn how to give up. Bong Hee, who found the family Hae Joo crying under a bridge after being displaced from their homes, took them to the house Gum Hee. Add Image S1, Ep9. Hae Joo confronts Gee Chul and demands to know why he had her kidnapped 15 years ago. Yang Ohn Yoo Supporting Cast. On this episode, Chun Hong Cheol begged to spare him “just this once, and that he’ll pay the money soon” but couldn’t stop the beatings of the debt collectors.

Add Image S1, Ep1. Not being able to endure the torture, the merchant who sold the duck falsely confesses his crime. Sabtu, 22 September Five Fingers Episode 9.

By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Dal Soon finally drsmacrazy Hae Joo the truth about her birth mother, and Hae Joo tries to wrestle with the shock.


Cast – May Queen. Diposting oleh Sweety Qliquers di Japanese pirates search for a medical doctor to treat their commander. With every effort to save her teacher, JangGeum wages her life on a bet with the Queen Mother.

Contributors Become a contributor. Hae Joo discovered that her brother, Sang Tae, Hee Chang demanded money, which he used to buy a new car.

JangGeum seeks out Min for help. Kang San learns what he thinks is the truth about his parents’ contentious relationship with his grandfather, Dae Pyung. Whatever you do, you will do it. Gum Hae Joo Hee hearing has returned.

Episode 41 Full Episode S 1: Episode 43 Draacrazy Episode S 1: Add Image S1, Ep4. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

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Dae Pyung then face Do Hyun. May Queen Episode 4. May Queen Episode 2. Watch ‘ May Queen ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Kim Jae Won as Kang San.

May Queen Korean Drama:

Episode 35 Full Episode S 1: Kim Jae Won Main Cast. Baek Seung Hee Supporting Cast. JangGeum asks Shin, IkPil, dramacrazg teacher, the reason he failed her on the exam of distinguishing medicines. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Chang Hee gets a warrant to seize Do Hyun’s company documents in preparation for a number of charges of illegal business practices, but Gee Chul tries to stop his son, pleading that their lives also will be ruined.


Kim Yoo Jung made a dramacraz big impression like the older actors and actresses by her mature acting skills. In Hwa unconscious in the intensive care unit. Episode 54 Full Episode S 1: When In Hwa finally regains consciousness, she admits to her family that she is responsible for taking the boat out for a ride. Kang Ji Woo Supporting Cast. Episode 33 Full Episode S 1: Shin tells JangGeum that she is disqualified and tells her to give up on her dream of becoming the royal doctor.

Meanwhile, Il Moon embarrass Hae Drxmacrazy during the interview because he only had a high school education. Kim Yoo Jung Main Cast. Wpisode Fingers Episode Know what this is about? When Hae Joo refuses to leave the country with him without any explanation, he decides that their relationship is officially over. Dal Soon wants a better life for Hae Joo and goes to see Geum Hee to reveal the truth about her lost daughter.

On the episode of ‘May Queen’ which aired on August 19 thit showed debt collectors chasing after and beating Chun Hong Cheol played by Ahn Nae Sang who fled to Ulsan because his business went bankrupt.