Will Vaibhav’s be able to achieve his dreams? Later, Sakshi asks Vaibhav to rehearse the given script. Bhandari angrily asks his assistant to catch Vaibhav to get his signature. Vaibhav, disguised as a woman, enters Bhandari’s studio. Bhandari’s assistant hands over the script to Vaibhav. He asks Vaibhav to sit in his rickshaw. Laxshmi’s mother asks her to force Vaibhav to accept any job.

Vaibhav, in his female avatar, comes to the venue. Vaibhav replies to his father-in-law that he could not perform well in the audition. Laxshmi yells at Vaibhav for not answering her phone calls throughout the day. Nisha asks Laxshmi to convince Vaibhav to accept an office job to secure his future. Laxshmi tells Sandy that he should not have insulted Vaibhav. Vaibhav plans to reach home before Laxshmi. Prakash comes to Vaibhav’s house and suggests him to participate in a rally. Vaibhav reluctantly replies to him that he will let him know about the results afterwards.

Bhandari replies to him that Vaibhav does not have the necessary skills required to be an actor. Laxshmi’s mother requests Prakash to search a job for Vaibhav.

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In the meantime, Ajinkya Kumar joins the press conference. Bhandari takes Vaibhav to the audition room.

Vaibhav, despite his best efforts, fail to impress Bhandari. On the other hand, Prakash requests Vaibhav to not enact female characters in his plays.

Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati – Episode 65 – December 09, – Best Scene – video dailymotion

Vaibhav returns home and tells Laxshmi that he again failed to bag the role in Bhandari’s daily soap. In the evening, Vaibhav meets Suhas and informs him that Bhandari has given him Rs. He reaches Bhandari’s studio. Manisha suggests Laxshmi to convince Vaibhav to accept a job to secure his future.


Afterwards, Vaibhav calls Laxshmi and asks her to come back home.

Suhas suggests him to accept the role. Vaibhav plans to reach home before Laxshmi. Vaibhav meets Bhandari and requests him for one more chance to prove his talent. Vaibhav snatches his phone from Suhas’s hand and rushes out of his house.

Lalita and Vacchi Atya dance on Shantabai on Zee Marathi Awards

Vaibhav’s father-in-law meets his old friend Makarand in his studio. Laxshmi’s mother offers her some money. Laxshmi’s father informs her that Makarand Bhandari has called Vaibhav to his office. In the meantime, Vaibhav’s father-in-law enters the audition room.

The person doesn’t pay heed to Laxshmi’s plea and mwze the electricity supply of her house. Sakshi informs Vaibhav that Bhandari has decided to replace the lead actor of his daily soap with a new face. Bhandari calls Vaibhav and asks him to accept the lead role of his daily soap.

At night, Vaibhav glances at the script given by Bhandari. Will Vaibhav’s dreams be fulfilled? Vaibhav drags the scooter and walks towards the desired location. Suhas tells Vaibhav that he secretly listened to his phone conversation. After a series of rejections, Vaibhav has reached a stage where his belief in himself has slowly begun to crumble. The lead actor of the show suggests Bhandari to not cast amateur actors in his daily soap.

While shooting the scene, the actress repeatedly forgets her lines.

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Vaibhav, disguised as a woman, comes face-to-face with his father-in-law. He yells at Prakash and asks him get out from his house. Bhandari asks Vaibhav to come to his office the next day to sign a contract. Vaibhav reluctantly replies to him that he will let him know about the results afterwards.

He asks Vaibhav as to whom he was talking to in the voice of a female. At midnight, Sandy calls Laxshmi and wishes her on the occasion of her marriage anniversary. Laxshmi’s father calls her and informs her that he will not be able to come to the auditions.


Abhilasha Diwan enters the venue. Vaibhav moves out of the house angrily. He also tells Vaibhav that Bhandari is searching for a fresh face for his daily soap.

Vaibhav hurriedly enters into the makeup room. Next morning, Suhas gets shocked to see Vaibhav in his female avatar. Vaibhav, in his female avatar, tells Bhandari that he wishes to go back to his house. Laxshmi tells Vaibhav that she wishes to buy a new house and also tells him that she would like sauvhagyavati see him as a celebrity. Laxshmi tells her neighbour that Vaibhav has bagged a role in a daily soap.

Vaibhav meets his friends and tells them that soon they would see him featuring in a daily soap. Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati Season 1. Bhandari excitedly invites Vaibhav into his cabin and assumes him to be a woman. Suhas asks Vaibhav to change his female attire in a nearby restroom.

Vaibhav, in his female avatar, comes to the venue. Laxshmi wakes Vaibhav up from sleep and asks him to get ready for the audition. He also reminds Suhas about his financial problems. Vaibhav and his father-in-law reach Makarand’s office. He clears it to Vaibhav that he has already received a lot of applications for his project.

Will Vaibhav be able to achieve his dreams?