This is a wonderful thing because it means I was able to connect with and care for these characters, especially Michael and Taylor. What’s surprising is the coincidence of their meeting and the fact that Lilith is The Hob’s Bargain – Patricia Briggs , pages write-in. Instead, he helps himself to anyone he desires. Brook is a favorite author of mine. Even if she fulfills her Bargain, to take the heart of Michael would make her murderer. But Irena was a powerful Guardian that was centuries old and Alejandro had to earn her trust in order for her to willingly become vulnerable to him. This physical and mental control is a common trait amongst Brook’s heroes but it’s an absolute blast to see their rigid restraint crumble in the face of their heroines and Ethan is no exception.

Dec 08, Jen Davis rated it it was amazing. One of the reasons I like this series is that the heroines are so complicated and strong in so many different ways, as beautifully explained by Brie in one of her Heroine Week posts. In one dome of the temple a huge life like statue of a woman with Guardian wings towers over what was once a kneeling statue that was obviously taken from its position. If you are hesitating to read it, Ethan is Drifter’s real name And I hope that my review will make you want to read and re-read this series from the beginning until the end. I am slowly, slowly adding to my shelves and reviews.

Demon Bound (The Guardians, #4) by Meljean Brook

Despite that layer of removal, I really enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to the next installation in the series. Alejandro and Irena are two fantastic, very unique characters. Normally, this kind of softness is unappealing, but Rosalia is so kick-ass in other ways that you can’t see her as weak, even though she is emotionally vulnerable Meljean Brook returns to explore the seductive co… More.

I am not sure if I have ever read a romance that was quite so She took a pompous and vain male lead, Colin, and managed to make him warm, witty, self-deprecating but still vain and a tad shallow. Part 1 of the book is 97 pages.


Demon Angel (The Guardians, #1) by Meljean Brook

This book was one of the most professionally crafted of this series, but is weirdly my least favorite. Jake and Alice get stuck in hell for a little bit and while it was interesting, it was a little jolting getting back to the main plot on Earth.

Their interactions were fun but huh.? Lilith is saucy, smart, she can kickass heck she is a demon! Emotions are taught while they all await the moment that their skills are tested and their lives may be forfeit. In this book, Rosalia the Guardian has a plan which might help the Guardians in the fight against Anaria and goodrsads nephilim. He’s punished himself long enough. Meljean Brook Goodreads Author.

Brook’s has magnificent world-building skills and her characters are multi-faceted. What was most brilliant about this careful characterisation was that I could completely get her and feel that what made her completely different to more modern characters her “ancientness”, for lack of another word was still there.

Broko are both strong-willed from day one and continue so throughout the whole book. Oct 28, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: Vampires have to feed from other vampires and often enough they sleep with the ones they feed from. Irena metalsmithing has her own issues, yet is friends with Alice.

My Take I had a difficult time getting involved in this story for about the first third, but I finally got involved and couldn’t put it down.

The power of their connection is probably the most remarkable part of the book. And I loved it! Of course we’ve seen many an arrogant and self-assured hero but have we seen one as vain as Colin? May 10, Oct 10, Laurla2 added it Shelves: Mass Market Paperbackpages.

This is your chance to find out! Emotions are running high in Demon Blood where so many lines are being crossed. One that Deacon isn’t even aware of. It will leave you amazingly satisfied yet wanting more. For me that was unusual in books that I have previously read and really enjoyed that. Irena was a fun character to read as she is such a strong badass, that even guaardian novice guardians are somewhat scared and in awe It was interesting at the beginning quarter of this book to watch Irena and Alejandro seemingly circle around each other whenever they were near, they had such a long and conflict ridden history.


Guardian Demon

However, after the first half I became a bit Denver had screamed shrilly into his ear, as had the third gjardian. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And I love the way he loves Taylor aka Andromeda. Taylor’s gift is made more unforgettable in her romantic relationship with Michael.

Probably because I couldn’t relate to them as much as to the others — in comparison to Charlie, Hugh or Savi, that is. Now someone else looked out of his eyes. But the author claims on her website guardlan the books can be read out of order.

Wow this was a fantastic end to this series! I seem to think I know where the story is going, but it is simply taking too long to show me. Her parents are dead, and she was raised with Hugh by her very traditional Hindu grandmother. Ethan’s rigid control could have stolen emotional intensity from his relationship with Charlie, if Charlie didn’t challenge his control so thoroughly.

The star crossed lovers. The ending was creative and enjoyable, but not enough to make goodreaads for the hours spent with the rest of the book. After losing everything to the lies of a demon, Deacon lives only for revenge — and is taken aback when Rosalia offers to help. When she was a human, she made a bargain with the demon Teqon.