We don’t eat that fancy expensive stuff anymore!!! Looks like it’s a good time to not be in Dethklok ln related news, the struggling Dethklok tribute band, Thunderhorse, has been signed to headline the Metal Health Alliance benefit Big deal! Right super model that I just fuck’d? We can’t afford to pay our mortgages and Dethklok is laughing at us! Back at Mordhaus, the band seems to crumble without having Skwisgaar there, and they decide to go to Sweden and get Skwisgaar back. In the end, the band realizes that they liked the band the way it was and reconcile.

Passing out flyers Right Fuck Why am I so fuckin’ tired? Growing annoyed with Offdensen’s neglecting them in favor of work, Dethklok unwittingly double-books a gig in both Israel and Syria, putting the two countries at risk of starting a war. He realizes that what Nathan said is true, that he isn’t a regular person, but he is a guitar god. The band plans the most expensive concert in history to herald their return. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Metalocalypse: Rockso’s band, and make his life more successful by investing into the ultimate Zazz Blammymatazz reunion. Views Read Edit View history. Yes lt’s been really good You guys doing okay with no money or accommodations?

In the end, Pickles vomited.

Stars on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project. After realizing looks do matter to him, instead of just “what’s inside”, he returns to having sex thundrrhorse numerous women.

This causes Rockso to run away, and hide in a crackhouse.

Metalocalypse (season 3)

Holy shit You’re in a tribute band paying tribute to yourself? Share this Rating Title: We’re getting in touch with our roots!!!! Why do we have this stack of paper? Murderface tired of the band telling him that the Christmas special is going to suck lies and says that it will be full of blood, gore and tits. Probably We’re going This is it, guys Hanging out with regular jackoffs I feel like we’re finally getting in touch with our fuckin’ roots and fuck guys, that’s pretty fuckin’ awesome [ loud rumble ] I think that’s my stomach [ rumble ] I think that’s me maybe [ rumbling continues ] Wait When was the last time we ate?



Everyone’s here We’ll be turning people away [ rumbling ] Looks like Dethklok’s stirring up things again! Toki tries to reunite Dr. Senator Stampingston voice Laraine Newman Toki’s irrational fear of quarters makes him panic and accidentally sets fire to the stage. They learn the enormous amount of suffering regular bands go through, from starvation to sleep deprivation.

Nathan visits a dentist while the rest of Dethklok goes to the doctor, and during his visit, Murderface accidentally ejaculates on a doctor’s face. We don’t eat that fancy expensive stuff anymore!!! You consistently make us look like a bunch of dumb, rich, sheltered assholes We should put’s a fuckin’ muzzle on dat guys Toki?

Dethklok faces life without Offdensen, who has died as a result of his injuries at the hands of the Metal Masked Assassin. Man can you believe this?

Selatcia brainwashing General Crozier in “Dethrelease” and may know not only of the Falconback Project, but Selatcia’s true identity. Mordhaus is now a floating fortress and is undergoing heavy renovations to repair the damage from the Revengencers attack, but due to the band’s inability to manage their finances they find themselves in a financial crisis.

Edit Storyline Dethklok record an album in a nuclear submarine in the Mariana trench. You have astronaut class on Thursday night Astronaut class is a lie?!! Gross isn’t funny in itself, and the scene offered nothing more.

Previous Episode Next Episode. It is revealed that this is at least the 4th attempt to reunite Zazz Blammymatazz, and the other reunion concerts were canceled for a multitude of e;isode, usually revolving around Rockso’s drug addictions.

Rockso has found a job as Santa Claus in a mall. Hear me out I think if we can all just remain calm Take this beer bottle on your face Look, you fuckin’ pricks!! Metalocaalypse like jacking off to a picture of yourself online Which I’ve done Of course I’m not’s paying tribute to myself ln Thunderhorse, I’m skwisgaar Dats why my pants and shirts keep disappearing! In Sweden, Skwisgaar apologizes to his stepfather, and begins working in a lumberyard with him.


These boots are killing my feet! Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Kirk Hammett of Metallica Songs included: Dear god, that’s good Oh kick ass, they’re gonna show our bubblegum premiere Oh brutal!

He answered the truth.

I’m started to get worried about time here Oh, no no no no There’s no loadin team You guys are gonna have to set up your own gear Alright We’re done loading in gear Murderface, you haven’t even loaded your gear in yet I’m not loading it I tunderhorse do that Dude, everyone loads in their own stuff lt’s the rules!

You mean that that things he gaves you ams likes little monies what ams only for beers? Several thousand men come forward, claiming to be Skwisgaar’s father as they had sex with his mother, but DNA testing finds no match.

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There are also just a ton of hilarious lines, plus Toki’s “underwater friends” eppisode. Another band lf I wasn’t so lethargic from from hunger I’d, uh, kick your ass and make copies of it here Copy That’s my stomach, making that sound Uhhhh Why are we here?

The band gives him several women to sleep with, but Toki declines and instead begins the search for a soul mate using a dating service. Season 3 Episode 2.