But, even beginners can easily select a silhouette diagram for one of the five subject modes and the camera will automatically make the settings for them. Auto threading, auto advance to first frame Drive Modes: All of the six rolls of chrome film exposed in this camera during a quick test contained exceptionally well exposed and critically sharp images. The viewfinder is bright and extremely simple. Late on a fall afternoon this crab apple tree in our front yard casts interesting shadows worthy of recording. Even the body-top LCD panel is simplified with just pertinent data visible and no indication of lens aperture or shutter speed anywhere.

Leave this field blank. It should serve well as a first SLR for most anybody just stepping up to SLR precision and interchangeable lens adaptability and could function as a back-up extra body for people already having Minolta Maxxum equipment. Call of the Wild. The unique Minolta split-rail hot shoe is on top of the prism for use when a separate, more powerful output, auxiliary flash is needed. The control layout is as simple and accessible as I have seen on any camera today. See all 2 pre-owned listings. The instant the camera is turned on, it’s immediately ready to go.

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A built-in flash instantly pops up from maxxu, prism whenever extra light is required for proper exposure. Auto winding, auto rewind, manual start of rewind selectable Viewfinder Type: Therefore it is recommended that the lens hood be removed when using shorter focal lengths with zoom lenses.

Then Watch These 7 Great Minolta Maxxum QTsi The last fruits were stark against the tree’s bare branches. There are two central brackets indicating atsi autofocusing frame area, and outside the left side of the image area are two LEDs, a green dot that confirms focus and a jagged red line only lights to indicate the flash is charged and ready when the flash is popped up. Very polite and prompt. This will make a good student maxum for my teen to use for photography class.


Additional Product Features Film Type. It’s in great condition at a great value and once I got new batteries for it, it appears to work great. Anybody seeking to graduate from simple compact cameras with their notoriously inaccurate viewfinders and limited close focusing capability and expand their photographic horizons usually accomplish this by moving up to a more precise 35mm SLR camera.

When raised, built-in flm automatically activates the aid focusing in low-light and low-contrast situations Illuminator Range: Very good to work with. Auto threading, auto advance to first frame Drive Modes: Minolta A-type bayonet Autofocus Type: David Gasparyan interior kitchen design. Trending Price New. Interesting pictures are everywhere, if you merely qtsj for them. Highly recommend Very good to work with.

Flash exposures, when the flash was the main light source, made of a plain flat wall an untypical subject, but telling evaluation exhibited no center hot spot at 35mm or 80mm focal lengths and very minimal corner falloff in illumination.

As with any built-in qqtsi that pops up mere inches above the camera lens, there is the distinct possibility of lens shadowing which can occur when the lens hood blocks part of the light output. Perfect Starter Camera This item shipped quickly.

Late on a fall afternoon this crab apple tree in our front yard casts interesting shadows worthy of recording.

This sometimes difficult type of lighting did not fool the camera’s dual-segment metering which produced excellent maxxkm on a variety ca,era similar challenging situations. As always, for this type of meter and exposure evaluation testing, I loaded the camera with extra-sensitive slow ISO speed color slide film which always has the least exposure latitude so it’s superior for critical testing.

Further information about this new model can be obtained from your local Minolta camera dealer or by contacting Minolta Corporation, Williams Dr. I particularly liked the quality of some fall nature close-up subjects which were exceptionally nice and comparable to those produced by far more sophisticated and costly SLR cameras. Legible and readily accessible operating controls are primarily clustered along the top of the body.


To broaden the scope of programmed automation there are five selectable subject program modes for simplified extended creative control without having to operate or adjust shutter speed or aperture settings. Are Your Prints Too Dark?

All of the chromes were “keepers” as far as the focusing and exposure were concerned. At the far left are two small buttons, one for choosing self-timer or continuous exposure, the other for sequencing through the various flash modes. Which Mirrorless Camera Is Better: Skip to main content. See details for description of any imperfections. Overall, I was exceptionally pleased with the beautiful images produced by this basic SLR.

The tiny flash evenly covered the entire field at all focal lengths without producing uneven lighting and it gave good exposure when used as the prime light source indoors or outside at night.

Minolta Maxxum Qtsi 35mm SLR Film Camera with 35-80 mm lens Kit

Camera itself in prime condition. Leave this field blank. Will know more after first roll of film is developed. This small tree growing in our yard was strongly backlit, so forced automatic fill flash was used mxxxum lighten the shaded portion of the colorful leaves. In front of the LCD is a large Mode button, which sequentially advances a pointer through the five subject program modes then back to “P” Program automatic.