And there are around 12th competitors in the game of surviving. It’s amazing how the characters interact with each other; turning the series toward some psychological behaviors study. There’s a very dark overall mood in the anime with this overlooming supernatural sense. Aw man, life would be great if our mobile phones tell us what’s going to happen to us in future! Haven’t seen the dubbed version i only watch the subbed. Additionally, the whole middle part of the series dragged on without any remarkable moments:

It starts off really fast but slows down in the middle and then picks up extremely fast again. It’s pretty violent and, because of the characters age, if this movie was live action, you could be arrested for watching and distributing it forgive the euphemism but if you don’t get it your too innocent for this. If you like Love, Romance,Brutality, Mind games, don’t miss this show. Yukiteru loves playing around on his phone and has an imaginary friend named Deus. What really makes this show is the story and how insane it gets. None of the characters are likable or believable, they may start out decent but the script always twisted them in some way or the other. Irishchatter 4 August

To put your mind at animscrazy, it only ever actually shows one sausage, I think there might have been more in the baby photos some where but I wasn’t on really looking for it. Sidekicks were good, n funny At first the anime seems to be a slasher film but animecraazy twists and turns and underlying meaning and themes nags at the viewers mind. Was exactly what i wasn’t expecting and i loved that surprise, i loved how violent, bloody, and so much sicker then i was expecting it to be.

There is so much crazy in this show and I love it.

The concept alone for Mirai Nikki was actually very interesting, but the execution of that concept was a total waste on this anime. Unfortunately, many of the action sequences were either irritatingly unintelligent or plain impossible, with kids dodging bullets and fighting while reading their diaries.

This show is extremely entertaining.

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One of Yuki’s cute classmates, Gasai Yuno, has a diary and is strangely attracted to Yuki for reasons he can’t quite understand Mirai nikki is a show that demonstrate a lot deep animecrazj we can possibly anticipate in what god is, and how it might possibly work. That being said there were plenty of moments when I was like, ‘What? And the ending wasnt so good nokkirly fastnot rly explanatory but overall the outcome we all anticipated for.


Beside the actions they demonstrate, you are going to sympathize with them, too.

But nonetheless, a great short term anime mifai mature viewers due to gore and violence and sexual content. That being said despite the serious tone set there are moments when the characters seem mundane living their daily lives and when it gets crazy things get messed up fast.

Animation produced and licensed by FUnimation. It’s a survival game among 12 people who have mobile phones receiving diaries about what will happen in miraai minutes within the future. I want to warn the viewers about the nudity’s that this series have. As I said before some might be turned eppisode by the constant complexity and changes in the story, but you may still enjoy it. So you may figure it would be another survival story where only the protagonist survives in the end.

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There are a lot of contradictory scenes where it seems like the writers forgot what had happened in previous episodes and its really funny in its incompetence ex. Even the scene where that terrorist girl blowing up the school while Yuki and Yumo were inside! WOW where do I begin! Not too good like Death note or ergo proxy, but not bad either. A similar character to Asuka found in Future Diary would be Yuno Gasai in that she is strong, sort of crazy, and strong-minded.

So basically, it is shown that they both loved each other from the beginning, just a different type of love. What really makes this show is the story and how insane it gets. Sign in to vote. Aw man, life would be great if our mobile phones tell us what’s going to happen to us in future!

It’s about a competition of who will be the next god. Each future diary holder receives a future from a different perspective. The main guy, Yukki, is going to get on your nerves, be ready for that. Future diary is a well done anime series. Moreover, the whole seriousness and suspense of the plot was ruined by the banal romantic comedy and a cute little girl recapping the story’s events every episode.

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Not to spoil things but I will tell puppies grow up especially when they being trained to be hunting dogs and there will be allot of comments about his balls. From the start he is thrown into survival mode and makes episod choices out of desperation, and even though it seems for a while in the middle of the show he has a handle on everything, he loses his grip and inevitably digs himself into a hole he can’t climb out of. The problem with the show is that many hate on yuki for being a total beachor the fact that yuno is such a reckless bloodthirsty sociopath.


The quality is superb and that being said please don’t watch for the faint of heart. It has the action that Death Note was missing and added the dark element that I personally prefer that Code Geass was missing. There are a total of 12 players in the show eppisode serial killer a cop a terrorist a mayor a stalker a little boy a coward a loan shark a fortune teller a Baker a rich man and a vigilante. Plenty of action scenes and the strange relation the main characters had were enough to keep a good story.

So, the diary holders fight each other while avoiding their expected death by knowing the future. This anime was pretty intense though, No.

The description of this show doesn’t do it justice by far! Anyhow, if you’re new to anime world, or just search for an anime that will make you laugh and keep you entertained, search no more!

Mirrai about these two makes an amazing pair nikji they actually are able to defeat opponents who are suppose to kill them so easily yet they managed to overcome it. Shiny animation my friend in its glory like its in a movie and movies have to have top animation! To summarize the plot the universe is destroyed so a 14 year old can get laid and I’m going to call statutory on it because he was not ready for that. At times shocking and suspenseful with a great twist. You know its a good anime when the ”post anime depression” hits u hardfor me it took 3 days to recover.

I would recommend kids to stay away.

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I think it’s a new type of survival story in that the audience could be moved by a ‘Yandere’ girl. Music by Tatsuya Kato. Stick through it and I assure you that the end will give you a satisfied feeling. Their diaries each predict the future in different ways, allowing them to evade or capture each other. I consider myself to be a pretty macho guy who basically never sheds a tear If you’re a fan of the absurd and dark humor and can put up with some plot holes – then Animeccrazy highly recommend this show.