I mean there are so many questions unanswered.. Follow us Facebook Twitter. Bye bye now … skank hoe. Hey bozo, gumus was, and is, and would be nummer one forever. Therefore, has absolutely nothing to do with the main writer! Not only the tragic end of a loving couple that came to an end after dispite everything they had gone through to survive not only their love but the pain from their very own families. What did you expect!? Username or Email Address.

Sick from their brain. Samia I am watching ASI, it is wonderfull.. Hey David, Hey David, You can just eat my shit until you are full up into the throat! Senin okumusluk niye Guluyordum!? Mirna and khalil was a great series until the very last episode. If I were you I would have get lost by now! The very Beautiful and gorgeous Noor!

But what about mirna? Get a life … sick? Bye bye now … skank hoe.

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In fact, where does she go!? I feel the same way about that mosalsal as well. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, I admit that the story is so romantic and the script writing is creative.

The Turkish drama:”Menekse iLe Halil.” aka “Mirna w Khalil.”

It seriously pissed me off. Hey bozo, gumus was, and is, and would be nummer one forever. I think you didnt watch noor or youre just joking than I must laugh at it. Because you really know how I look like? Leave a Reply Cancel rn.


Leave alone the the top spot!!! One of the most successful tv series ever broadcast in Turkey! Here some pictures of this series. They always end things so tragically its disgusting and very disappointing. Follow us Facebook Twitter. They could datma you in some research program!

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Panet Mosalsal Fatma

So, in the future think before you speak, Ok! Hey Mosalsxl gal how old are you? Honestly i didnt like it at all it was soo bad gumus was great and aski-memnu was awsem but merna il halil was soooo bad i didnt like it because it was sooo drama and sadness but gumus was romantic and alittle happy ….

But come to yourselves. Ya gma3a 5lel a7la f almwslsl al new wla mslsl noor w meen a7la mirna wla no0r w 2ena mwslsal a7la. The rating in Turkey was so bad that they had to bring it to an end at the 36 episodes. I suggest you to go to a mental hospital for your health.

I mean how stupid is it for khalil to die by the hands of Mustafa. Mirna and khalil was a great series until the very last episode. David, I see you are not a normal person. Get over it — Mosqlsal alllllllllll the way! A flop as well!? And they finally were forced to stop broadcasting it at the 36 episodes. Learn how your comment data is processed. A Saudi Arabian mental hospital!? Otherwise ,watching a series like this again could be truly pointless.


If you have something to publish or an article to put with us, contact us or send an e-mail about the article and the information about it with pictures at akelhawa live. My vocabulary is so much better than yourS. I believe both of their standards are equal in this mosalsal.

To Siham, yes it was a flop. No need for any of these!

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Mirna and Khalil had a great story and were nice. Siham, This has nothing to do with you so fuck off!! How can you even allow yourself to speak about English!?

Please disable your adblocking software or whitelist our website. Rashida you shut up my english is x better than yours. Confused at the ending when khalil Jumpd in the water who did he walk off with.?? Hey all…I actually loved the series …The story is gr8 and there is so much that goes around and keep you entertained all the way to the end.