But I will ask to the girls and see if they are willin to work on it?!?? I have no clue if she is going to re up all her awesome projects again, she is busy right now and she made alot when she was very active! Mik mik 17 June at I swear I was not drunk Li-chan 6 November at Anonymous 24 October at

Plezz check it out..!! Using the due respect anyone can write whatever they think here. The “seem worthy” is such a big sentence I’m really close by mine one too! So you can see the recent projects at the very high beginning of the map! Thank you for your reply. I really love the novels too. I was only testing my new ideas

I wish you could upload it again: Unknown 10 Otoo at I will do my best. Anyway dont force urself too much to be here!

If u have a request, send us an email H E R E with the title of the manga! I’m basically already doing what you think it should be the right way!

I know u are working hard with school! You sounded quite odd in this part drana your comment, to say you the truth!

Mujihi na Otoko…mostly

For what I know Yukuro will do this one! I don’t know who you are or what you are. I like the cr sooooo far! Anonymous 13 October at Thanks for ur support till now, but I hardly can think that u had to buy a new pc due my videos Remember I did discuss it with Cold Blood once But I will ask to other girls and see what they think and if they know this manga! I was only testing my new ideas But I cant assure when The difference between maps is the “ongoing” tag, once a manga is complete, in order to give the right info on blog development, we simply take off that tag, so projects arent hosted in the upper map ongoing projects anymore!


Mujihi na Otoko – Drama CD – Track 06 by 鈴木忍 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I also asked to friends who work on computer antivirus. No link is broken, just the setted as not downlodable!

The manga u named is pretty recent maybe the one still need to finish it? When I have some free time I want help you in this wonderfull blog ;3. So I’m sorry for u but implying that u had to buy a new pc just for the annoying pop up sound a bit odd for me!

I dont even like alchol! Probably with time some videos went offline! Anonymous 1 December at Have a nice day!

And even if you did not explain which tone I should get while reading your comment, I would never used your first option! You have an awesome team where all of you are sacrificing your precious time in your busy RL schedule to do this out of pure love! Wuaaaaah thanks soooo much for the help and time saved and Kelly Nguyen 26 January at Hello, I love this collection of awesomeness.


Mujihi na Otoko Track 8 BL Drama CD (End) – Dailymotion Video

Not cool, I think it’s pretty normal finish school! If I dont use a method, I am already a bit clumsy on my own For the future ones we already have raw materials for them u can visit the “things to do list”. I mjuihi to love watching your videos and supporting you, but i hardley watch them anymore because you don’t use Youtube.

Roby85m 6 September at I can’t wait till I am done.