Because when it MW, her husband, the ladies at the grocery store, her co-workers, or anybody else, she can spin manipulate a situation to her benefit. LTM really got into me… excited for todays episode…. I was surprised at how much I ended up liking this drama, despite how cliched and slow it was in the beginning. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Reply Shin Haido 12 August, at 2: Thank you , javabeans for recapping this sweet, harmless drama right through to the end.

Even though Oh My Lady has a standard plot and good but not great acting, I’m really enjoying this drama! Ooh, thanks for the recap. OML Presscon – X. I wonder how he would fare in an intense drama. If Kaehwa’s not touched or in love, I am! He walks in, asking what will happen to the house?

I hate those types I was surprised at how much I ended up liking this drama, despite how cliched and slow it was in the beginning. Star News And this model-actor, dunno the name. Koala, you are the best!! SYJ was upset that her husband was not by her side at that moment while he was in the morgue cradling their dead child.

Hahah yes angel you got it.

Lie to Me Episode 9 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

lxdy Just watched ep 9 and wow. TV Star’s How to Wear. But can you guys seriously feel sorry for her? Koala, you crack me up.

I can already see him being successful in dramas and movies. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I really appreciate how quickly the writers are having the characters confess their true feelings though.

Son will appear as Park Gae-in, the CEO of a famous furniture company, who dreams of having a gay guy friend. In the last scence, I wast just as afraid as Min-woo that Kae-hwa would tell him that while she appreciated the thought, she wasn’t ready to get married. This is Ok’s first drama, while Chun will be returning to the small screen for the first time in four years. So Ran wonders why the housewarming took place, and why Hyun Ki Joon went along with the pretense?


I’m loving the show. Yay can’t wait for the drama air.

Oh! My Lady

Her agency SidusHQ myysoju Tuesday that Chae-lim will play the role of Yoon Gae-hwa, a divorcee who starts working as a manager of a top star to get her daughter back from her husband. Ah Jung explains the convention specs and they go on a tour of the meeting rooms.

Thanks for the great recap! He tells So Ran to go back and live with her parents. In reading your recaps, the show honestly seems lasy better than when I watch it.

Thanks for the recommendations! About halfway through the drama, however, I found my interest flagging, but not enough to drop the show. They should have maximized the opportunity when they hired CR. I just feel manipulated. Maybe like scenes played over the ending credits or something showing her nagging him, him being acclaimed as a rising serious actor, breakfast with the girls getting along as a family, with the youngest speaking a little moreand maybe an awards night to show him accomplishing his acting goal and a chance to show chae rim all dressed up.

It’s Min-woo who is showing all the features that I love to watch and consider entertaing and realistic. That gets his attention: Mysonu may become an overused plot point, but what else can you do when all your top actors are suddenly in the early-twenties generation?


She will be in “Oh! Reply SY 25 November, at Min-woo catches a glimpse of the photographer, but quickly loses sight of him and leaves the zoo feeling uneasy.

Then we rewind back to KH’s mhsoju to tell the Chief. Now here, it is a bit more believable that she could’ve gotten away with it. In the end, their charade was success for both of them.

Lie to Me Episode 9 Recap

At least for now. Tina September 28, at Trying to think of an angle, the reporter gets an idea and starts typing a story speculating about the identity of the mysterious hidden child.

Love Is MV by a Korean fan: Do you know how frightening Yoon Kae-hwa actually is? Character Switching You probably know this. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Reply Sena 2 February, at 2: LOL Yoon Joo really get on your nerves, huh? In addition, Gae Hwa also had to overcome her own luggage and put all that behind her.

I wish I could keep her myself.

Aunt comes to see Ki Joon in his office, only to find him adorably passed out on the recliner. Either way I am liking this drama more with each episode Thanks for the recap.

It just shows how Kae-hwa and Min-woo still don’t fully understand each other, which I guess is realistic at this point, especially if we’re getting 20 episodes I hope! Lets go to the beach! The little one is learning!

Ah Jung says the guy has to be great.