In a last-ditch effort to get the myth to work, the Build Team tested another, similar myth from the same source, involving an exploded bomb setting off guns placed around the blast zone. Season 5, Episode 14 Snow Special. Adam and Jamie saddle up for some western myths. Adam and Jamie tackle the ultimate aviation investigation: Pilots Specials. Can a laptop stop a bullet from point-blank range? Season 5, Episode 28 Airplane on a Conveyer Belt. Season 10, Episode 1 Mission Impossible Mask.

With a de-rifled gun barrel and unbalanced bullets, the bullets tumbled through the air but still flew along a straight path. Season 18, Episode 5 Supernatural Shooters. A whole coconut can be sent by mail without any packaging. The team declared the myth busted due to the sheer amount of gunpowder needed, and then proceeded to destroy the entire door with a charge of C Boom Lift Catapult Buster lends a hand as the MythBusters explore the myth of the boom-lift catapult. If a truckload of wine catches fire, will the bottles blow their corks feet and sound like a machine gun? Can a person shoot around a corner accurately using a variety of methods?

The Build Team loaded popcorn kernels into a can filled with flammable dairy creamer and ignited it, but failed to pop any of the kernels. Twelve High Mythbuaters of Christmas The MythBusters tackle twelve of the ultimate explosive and fiery hijinks for the holidays.

Could a skydiver whose parachute failed to open hit a playground seesaw and send a small girl flying seven stories high, and she could still survive?

Season 12, Episode 11 Duel Dilemmas. Can a scuba diver get sucked up and spit out like this?

Season 9, Episode 12 Operation Valkyrie. Season 9 Wednesday, April 6th, 1: Season 4, Episode 3 Steel Toe Amputation. Is an axe really better than a gun in a zombie attack?


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durving But before Adam could put a weight on the gas pedal, the car started rolling over the edge. Deadly Straw Can a straw go through a palm tree? A dirty car is more fuel efficient than a clean car because the dirt makes the car more aerodynamic like the dimples on a golf ball.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 3: So if you poured thermite onto ice, would the ice would episodde in an instant? Based on a scene in the film Shrek. Season 11, Episode 7 Wheel of Mythfortune.

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epksode Nevertheless, the team declared the myth confirmed. If a truckload of wine catches fire, will the bottles blow their corks feet and sound like a machine gun? Can a person survive an explosion by hiding behind a table, a car, a dumpster, or a cinderblock wall?

A person eipsode drive safely at or above highway speeds in near-total darkness without using headlights. Can using a cell phone at a gas station cause the pump to explode?

Can you easily carry and deploy a large variety of weapons, as in Doom?

Season 12, Episode 5 Battle of the Sexes. The MythBusters test car chase cliches can you really share driving, change places, or dump the driver while moving at speed and some fan-suggested deterrents for driving away cats, bears, and snakes. Does a certain sound note cause you to “tinkle” in your pants? Season 11, Episode 2 Newton’s Crane Cradle. And they don’t just explain if something’s true or false: Wednesday, September 29th, 4: Then — using only duct tape — Kari, Grant, and Tory attempt to patch up a plane that’s had an unfortunate encounter with a bear.


Did the Greeks create an arrow machine gun that offered the speed, distance, and precision that modern machine guns do?

Season 6, Episode 4 Ninjas 2.

Can the Mythbusters really make a piece Goldberg machine work, or will they just get frustrated and call it quits? A look back at myths that generated a truck load of angry fan mail. Wednesday, September 6th, rpisode With a de-rifled gun barrel and unbalanced bullets, the bullets tumbled through the air but still flew along a straight path.

Each took a turn as a test subject, with the other ready to place the sleeper’s hand in the water once he had achieved a deep enough sleep. Season 5, Bulleys 13 Grenades and Mythbustres. The cast conducted tests involving a feather, a weight, a lunar soil boot print, and a flag in a vacuum. Holding a hunting revolver improperly can cause a person’s fingers to be blown off by the escaping gases emitted when the bullets are fired.

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Based on a scene in the film Grosse Pointe Blank. Can superglue restrain a driver as well as a seat belt does during a collision?

After measuring the average velocity of the potatoes as well as the distance they were fired, the Build Team concluded that both the duct tape and glue potato cannons were essentially identical. Could the ancient Korean Hwacha actually do what is claimed? MythBusters update Season 0 Saturday, April 26th, 1: