She goes after people who watch South Korean dramas, movies, or pop music, but she hopes to one day move up as an agent in the special forces. Episode 9 Full Episode S 1: Regardless, thanks for the recaps. I watched the whole drama for them! Where did they go for a year? How would the drama have improved in quality if HYS had stayed instead of running off? I don’t think HYS is done after this although as an actress she should be – not for her ‘unprofessionalism’ but for her lack of acting talent.

The thing is, most Kdramas always starts out great and we wish it would stay that way. No, the writing was pathetic before the announcement of the extension. Some shows are just And why were they hiding for 1 year? I already imagine Ryu trying to teach Inah how to disguise herself so that they won’t be caught by the North Korean agents. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Joon September 6, at 9:

I think the drama was in a bit of trouble even before airing because they had so little preparation time in the first place. ComedyRomance TV Series —.

And I can’t agree with you more on your final comments on this drama because they seem to be a reflection of my thoughts on this drama from the beginning. Maybe eppisode, but it was enjoyable summer fluff In this case, it wasn’t a complete let-down She is just cute.

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Eric deserves something so much better. Audible Download Audio Books.

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Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday! A myyung story of a cold city scholar Gyun Woo, who’s known as “Joseon’s national treasure”, and the sassy princess Hye Myung in a Joseon Dynasty era. One moment we have bad-ass spies – the next they’re complete morons. Her friends help her to find a roommate.


Is it wrong for me to want THEM to episofe a sequel? Are you implying that the writer got frustrated at the HYS drama and decided to produce the worst script in ?

I just enjoyed watching the work done by this wonderful cast. Phi September 7, at 4: Back to the drama, I’m not shy from angst stuffs but the plot going in circle after EP. But, c’mon, her facial expression is always the same and always overacted. Despite the monotony of the middle, the “here and there” of the writing, and the unfulfilled Choi Ryu result, the actors acted well, and I got my happy ending.

Spy Myung Wol

peisode By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. I’m sure Eric wanted to giide Poseidon even more than you wanted him to do Poseidon, but with the production delays and uncertainty, etc. This is why I don’t understand the people blaming HSY for how this drama turned out in the end – Spy Myung-wol was already having trouble long before the off-screen drama happened. Yeah, that does suck.

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She attends a jewelry showcase with him, raising In Ah’s ire. She smiles in anticipation and so does Kang-woo, as the two cars speed toward each other on the same road. Official Site [South Korea]. She still thinks fondly ,yung Ryu, remembering him every time she trips in her heels.

They deleted that part out.

I just couldn’t get myself to care about any of the characters especially when all the offscreen drama was happening. Where did they go for a year? I thoroughly enjoyed the premise of this show. Tok September 6, at 9: Birthday Girl September 8, at 1: What is important is the follow through.


Spy Myung-wol

Given all the traumas this cast and drama have suffered, I am less inclined to be critical of it. I won’t mention her name, because I don’t want to offend And if her 3-day absence upset some writing processes, sspy feel like writers should be able to adapt anyways in case an actor becomes ill or gets hurt i.

Of course, Eric is sizzling, and if he had been paired with a better actress, it would have been more interesting.

I’m not going to give points just because it seemed interesting. Episode 9 Full Episode S 1: The most interesting thing about the ending was Choi Episove and In-ah. Episode 7 Full Episode S 1: Eric has done a variety of different types of rolls so you don’t have to worry fuide him doing the “same plot ths style”: But thanks for giving us the summaries and recaps!

Episode 16 Full Episode S 1: In Ah and Ryu are the characters who evolved the most. More like an occasional “haha” here and there. Ryu gives in, of course, and leaves. I wish that the whole show wasn’t a mess and had good points.