Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Declan spots Lucas and immediately makes a beeline to him. S01E – Spilling Secrets. When Rebecca explains her concerns, they offer to go look for him. S01E – Free as a Boyd. Rebecca tries to call Declan but gets his voicemail for the third time. S01E – Ash Converters.

It’s Paul – but Johnno’s expecting him. Rebecca wants to know if they can move on with their lives now. Declan Napier Alia Devercelli Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? S01E – The Hole Truth. S01E – Buddy Ollie. Once alone, Declan again breaks in with a key card, and confronts Johnno.

At episoxe point a massive argument breaks out between Lucas And Libby as Lucas accuses her of being a hypocrite for planning to lie under oath.

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S01E – From Zero to Hero. I already have Disgusted, Steph snaps that she thought he was better than this. Declan doesn’t look as relieved as he thought. Rebecca looks worried as Declan heads into his room but Paul says that Declan just feels like he has to do something.

When Lib and Dan are out of the room, Lucas leaps on the wallet and steals a few fifties before making a quick escape. Declan follows Johhno to his room and sneaks in, but is thrown out as if just a ‘nice boy’ not worth listening to. S01E – Three Women and a Baby.


Good, I knew I could count on you, Tim. Dan is furious with him and storms out leaving Toadie looking at Libby, flabbergasted. As soon as money is laid out, Ringo and Zeke enter, interrupting his fun.

He then says he’s looking for Lucas and Steph tells to steer clear of him at which Lucas gets up and tells Declan that he doesn’t owe him anything before storming out.

Recap Ringo deciding he wants to be a paramedic but Libby telling him that she isn’t sure his marks are good enough to do that.

S01E – Into Each Life.

He then tells her about Johnno confessing about tampering the car. Maybe start by paying her back for the car windows. Toadie leaves pinching Libby’s piece of toast on the way out! S01E – Father Complex.

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Charlie’s Lucas is sitting in the corner tearing up a napkin when Steph comes over asks whether he wants a coffee. Dan argues against Lucas’s plan to just run. As Steph goes to get the coffee, Libby storms in and has a go at him over stealing the money.


Ringo Brown Kym Valentine I loved her more than anything in the world and you took her away from me. Declan epixode Ringo and Zeke on the front porch of No.

S01E – G Whiz. Start your free trial.

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Neighbiurs High – Corridor Donna and Sunny are walking in the corridor when Declan drops by and tells the teens he’s Planting a tree for Bridget in the Community Gardens. Number 26 Rebecca is cooking scones her coping mechanism for when she’s stressed.

Libby isn’t quite sure how to act around her brother-in-law now she knows about his gambling problem. With that, He storms off. S01E – Dream Lover. Ramsay Street Declan is reading Elle’s article and shows it to Rebecca. S01E – British Bulldog. S01E – Cheat the Parents.

Neighboure – Give Priest a Chance. Johnno reveals that Lucas owed him money; it was all about the principle.