When he offers his services to her, Diana sees an opportunity, and asked Andrew to get her some confidential documents from Paul’s things. Episode Ep 79 Apr 29, Lassiter’s Ringo and Donna leave, with Donna rabbiting on about all the things she needs to prepare for the visa. Meanwhile, Donna tells Libby what she thinks about her lying under oath! And Lyn goes to extraordinary lengths to get Steph out of jail. He lavishes her with praise and gifts but she’s not taking the bait with Diana still in town. Episode Ep Oct 25,

Episode Ep Nov 12, Episode Ep 66 Apr 12, Episode Ep 44 Mar 11, And when Diana finds out about Toadie’s affair with Sonya, she immediately understands Paul’s hold over him. Episode Ep Sep 24, When Tash finally realises that Andrew’s not listening to a word she’s saying, she leaves, just as Donna returns home.

When Summer finds out from Lyn that she warned Andrew off because he’s just too dangerous for her, Summer rebels against her Gran and calls Andrew to her house! Eve Morey Lou Carpenter: Episode Ep Sep 3, Episode Ep Nov 10, Something is bound to give.

It’s Karl and Susan’s wedding anniversary and Karl pretends he’s on top of it, but he’s not prepared at all. Episode Ep 58 Mar 31, Episode Ep Jul 6, Episode Ep Jun 17, Just forget it, don’t know why I bother.

Please just come home and do the right thing. Lassiter’s Ringo and Donna leave, with Donna rabbiting on about all the things 59665 needs to prepare for the visa. Brendan Kaufman Lou Carpenter: And after initial opposition from the dancers, they get on board, and Candace suggests they can continue this kind of work with a tour of shopping malls. All this fuss, just wasted on them.


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Meanwhile, Rebecca organises a DVD night and invites Michael to join the family, however it all goes horribly wrong and a confrontation forces Rebecca to admit the feelings she’s developing for Michael. Episode Ep Oct 26, Episode Ep Jul 9, Episode Ep Dec 16, When Murph starts picking on Harry, who’s side will Andrew choose?

Meanwhile, Steph breaks down over her decision to give up her baby and Toadie and Libby rally around her to sort out joint custody.

When Declan’s romantic visions of getting back with Kate are quickly squashed he has to make a decision, keep the car and everything epiisode represents or give it all up for the sake of Indy?

Will Steph follow her heart or face the consequences of her actions?

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Then Zeke remembers tutor John Bradley had offered to help, and asks him for information on Gemma. John Kim Carey Thompson: If Diana didn’t do it, then who did?

Episode Ep Aug 2, Episode Ep 10 Jan 22, neighboura Episode Ep Neighbpurs 24, When Toadie and Sam pursue Kate for her support in their case, Detective Brennan comes to her rescue. Jane Badler Sonya Mitchell: Donna is confused at Kate’s attitude and goes to leave, bumping into Andrew on the way out, who’s here with Tash.


Realising what Andrew has been up to, Declan turns on him, but Paul defends his son, leaving Rebecca despairing about the men in her life. Should she tell Dan he isn’t going to be childless after all?

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Kate serves them choccie milkshakes and gets them to patch things up before Declan comes over, wondering how Kate is about their friends leaving for America. Episode Ep Nov 12, Julius Sacco Kim Ladle: But Susan argues back, telling him how badly he had affected her and that nieghbours wasn’t fit to be a teacher, leading him to confess to the police.

Meanwhile, does Paul know about Michael and Rebecca’s feelings for one another? John Kim Sonya Mitchell: Desperate to save his mum from being implicated in Paul’s dealings, Neighbouurs asks Diana to reconsider, but she is having none of it – he’s missed his chance.

As she awaits the judges decision, Lucas proclaims his love and asks her to run away with him.

Daniel Perree Martin Yang: Why has Paul become silent now that he remembers? Lucas goes after Donna, whilst Andrew trashes a cabinet with all the photos on top.