Callum walks up, and overhears the conversation, with Lou now playing up his veteran status, his charity work, his grandson who’s his only family The firm is renamed Rebecchi Legal in and Toadfish remains the only employee. Tangled Up in Roo. Shane Lee Mark Richards: Why has Paul become silent now that he remembers? Ramsay Street is the residential cul-de-sac where many of the characters of Neighbours have lived over the years. Retrieved 30 July TV Week Soap Extra 1:

Hey Summer its me. Return of the Living Dead. Season 19, Episode Let Sleeping Dogs Fly. James Mason Sonya Mitchell: Episode Ep 71 Apr 19, Grizzle While You Work. There’s a New Kid in Gown.

Fears of a Clown. Bulldozers moved into the Lassiter’s Complex area to begin work. Smells Like Teen Spirits.

Neighbours Episode Guide: 5981-6005

When Declan’s romantic visions of getting back with Kate are quickly squashed he has to make a decision, keep episose car and everything it represents or give it all up for the sake of Indy? Mysteries of the Orienteering.

Season 8, Episode Episode Ep Jul 5, Episode Ep 55 Mar 26, But before she goes, she writes to Michael telling him she hasn’t lied about her feelings for him. Andrew, Summer and Natasha decide to focus all their efforts into finding who pushed Paul and they follow their latest suspect Diana, who meets with a negihbours man. Come on, you can trust me.



Palm Before the Storm. Paul forces Rebecca into renewing their vows and once the ceremony is over she makes it quite clear how she feels!

Take This Mob and Shove It. Brian Vriends Constable Lee Davis: Jane Badler Lou Carpenter: Meanwhile, carried away with the thrill of a new romance, Zeke convinces Mia to let him get on board her illegal animal activism pursuits, watch out!

Libby feels terrible for him and Steph is consumed with guilt.

The whole community wants to keep the radio station open, leaving Declan swimming against the tide. Episode Ep 40 Mar 5, Episode Ep Sep 28, Andrew brings up Macca’s Miley Cyrus’ obsession when he passes them but he deflects attention from that to checking Summer’s iPod to see what Aqua songs she has on it before disappearing as quickly as he arrived.

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Episode Ep 37 Mar 2, However a stuff-up from Ringo makes Donna neiggbours their compatibility. Nothing But a Found Dog. A Roving Bree Will Go. Season 15, Episode Jane Badler Rosemary Daniels: Chris now stands up against Summer and Michael who object to his ‘ Will the judge be merciful or will she lock Steph up and throw away the key?


She is mildly miffed to find out that everyone knew about Ringo’s plan but takes it in good spirit and can see the joke it was intended as. Where There’s a Will Grizzle While You Work.

Retrieved 7 February Episode Ep Jun 4, Declan decides to neigubours through with his plan to protect Rebecca and leave Paul behind. Episode Ep 6 Jan 18, Joy Chambers Jason Griffiths: Episode Ep 12 Jan 26, Michael Williams Valentina Novakovic He also says that he doesn’t know why Summer has it in for Andrew, and Andrew tells his mate that Sum likes to think she’s always right. Do the Fight Thing.

Here are episkde storylines that made him a legend”. Joy Chambers Lou Carpenter: Whilst the lovebirds head to the bar to get drinks and Lucas decides its time to leave too due impending wedding talk Kate has another dig at Declan for keeping secrets from her.

Lost in the Wash.