We did this on our own machine that we built. I guarantee it will be interesting. The gamut of my inventions runs though all things that detect something such as heat, radio and light waves, or sound. Please look carefully at our latest Kickstarter campaign. YTD Spending Report. Backers outside the United States are charged an additional fee to cover shipping costs see Reward details at right and will be responsible for VAT in countries where it is applied and collected. If we do, we will prove to the world that instant peelapart photography is a vital art form worth supporting and this can lead to further cooperation from larger film companies who were skeptical of us, at first.

Of this last discovery, Crowley said, the team is actually most proud, as it seems timely and right that this important inventor is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Invented a hand assembly system that is fast, convenient and requires no darkroom. I guarantee it will be interesting. That job isn’t done and there are more places to explore after a successful funding effort. Think of it like the older version of Impossible Project film. We did this on our own machine that we built. In the s, AGFA of Germany developed the diffusion transfer reversal system which is the basis for the instant print.

If you have comments, please make them. He’ll come back with something, for sure.

New55 FILM

At this moment, we think that a thermal adhesive and thermal press can apply this strip, using a guide tool, and also perform some of the final thermal bonding on the end of kickstadter envelope to allow easier peeling. To make a long story short, it was a lot of hard work and also a neew55 of fun. I just noticed that The Impossible Project said they were not going to work on 4×5, and so I said, on Twitter, that I would look into it.

New55 FILM handmade samples manufactured sheets will come 5 per box. The fulfillment of boxes of that material at the end of the project can be thought of as icing on the cake.

Once we have clips, they must be securely attached to the tongue – a part that holds both the negative, and the chemical pod. This is most exciting: Posted by Bob Crowley at 6: We now have the opportunity and the responsibility to make it happen.


Kickstarter – New55 Color 4×5 Peelapart Film | Forgotten Charm

Kickstarter is not a store. As we move through the Kickstarter rewards, it’s important to ask the hard questions about the further evolution and economic sustainability of this product and the potential for other products to follow. But, that type of sheet is very complex and has at least 8 layers to it. It must have just the right stiffness, thickness and be free of curl.

It also has to be light proof, and not swell and shrink during processing. You are looking at a historical chart of our first successful OLD Kickstarter effort that was successful. Personally, I can tell you that these letters of encouragement made all the difference between giving up, or moving forward. It is also sharper with fewer signs of defects overall.

Shipping is included for United States backers. Hand assembly of film packs will continue, possibly at a slightly increased rate. This puts more knowledge and experience back into the product and accelerates its improvement when you use your stock. Remember The Impossible Project started with Polaroid’s machine, left over materials and a fresh memory in consumers’ minds.

As a contributor to this Kickstarter project at the higher reward levels, you will receive boxes of first-run manufactured New55 FILM “First Edition” 5 sheets per box.

That chance didn’t exist a year ago, and it might not exist in a year. Photo by Paul Chow Photography. They are asking for a chunk of dough translation: But let’s not wait until the last minute to S ave Instant Color Peelapart Film before it is lost forever.

Interested in shooting film? It fills in many of the missing pieces that were omitted. It may be possible to produce a true Color positive-negative material. As of this writing, 20×24 is offering to produce these for us at a per-unit cost.

Developed a peelapart color system using a negative taken from integral films and showed excellent results that could lead to color large format instant prints. Here is a copy of last month’s press release where we talk about finishing up fulfillment of the this Kickstarter project. You see, instant film has a large unused area of space due to the fact that said space has a pod with film chemicals.


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Darn, it doesn’t look good. The coating is only one of several important requirements for the receiver: New55 FILM is a new instant 4×5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too. Price adjustment reflects scaling economics A price adjustment reflecting the improved economics of manufacturing at this important milestone has been made and additional product supplied to New55’s online web store at http: A Special Thank-you Posted Oct 24, Fence Photographer Orianna Reardon’s work using New55 PN has always been interesting and very well done, which is not surprising as her other work is much admired too.

Posted by Bob Crowley at 1: When the film sheet rolls through the rollers then the pod pops and the film chemicals get spread through the print. Posted by Bob Crowley at 5: The fact that this process is now four times faster is a plus.

New55 FILM by Bob Crowley — Kickstarter

When you pulled the sheet out of the holder after taking a photo, you would tear it in two pieces. The tool used for crimping and thermal adhesive steps has to be designed, built, and tested, and then we have to make sure it can be assembled repeatably and reliably. Of this last discovery, Crowley said, the team is actually most proud, as it seems timely and right that this important inventor is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Two assemblers produced over 60, units of instant film! These fit on millions of cameras.

The unusual innovations achieved in New55 FILM’s product development phase are a strong indicator of the project’s chance of success, but various things could go wrong, especially where new materials are involved.