I’m just very, very afraid. Ok So what do you all think is most likely I just dun feel its him. I mean, she’s already toying with deception, which has never been her strongest suit. She acknowledged that she was leaving wearing the clothes on her back because she can’t walk outside stark naked, could she? The nicest thing about that sentiment is that unknowingly, Eun-ki is providing Maru the strength to live again. Maru speaks up and backs Jae Hee, pointing out that this is good for the company and Tae San did it before.

Let me have a minute here to compose myself. Maru is the kind of guy who can shoulder the world and put the interests of those he loves always ahead of himself without complain about the hardships nor sacrifices. Okay, then that changes my perspective on one thing: Anonim 1 Mei She has the physical wounds that I have. Since she obtained it, it all belongs to her! It doesn’t have to be white dresses and smiles but everyone surviving that would be nice. He orders his lackey to set the plan into motion against Kang Maru.

Maru is the kind of guy who can shoulder the world and put the interests of those he loves always ahead of himself without complain about the hardships nor sacrifices. Maru walks to the meeting and passes Jae Hee in the hallway.

Despite loathing lawyer Ahn, he is a deliberate and crafty foe, and kutudeama who is needed to keep Team Jae Hee in the game otherwise I doubt Han Jae Hee has the brains to pull off the Tae San takeover all by herself. I just wish this one won’t end up tragically, though the hematoma, open-eyes kisses, revenge, etc Vincy October 20, at 4: Lawyer Ahn says he wants to help Eun Gi so he needs to know the extent of her current situation.

And dumped the Moocher, even though he was desperate for a girlfriend. But initially, he was never really initially warm to her. Betsy Hp November 3, at 4: Niice I’m saying is that he’d never, ever, consciously or subconsciously have planned that day, the day of their first proper date, to be the day she’s forced to face the most terrible day in their lives.

Scared for the next few episodes. Whatever the case, can’t wait for next week!!!


DayDreamer October 20, at 5: When he suggests having one son and daughter, she scoffs at the idea — she wants nine. Maru looks too blissfully unaware at the end, though who knows judging by his monologue. Choco is very sad to hear this, pointing out that a person lives because of their memories. Each path we walk in life is a matter of choice. Wow, this piece of writing is good, my sister is analyzing these kinds of things, therefore I am going to tell her.

He will die or he will have memory loss? Jae Hee sits at home putting on make up.

Nice Guy Episode 12 Recap

Maru stands in the lobby of Tae San and looks at the prepared booklet introducing Jae Hee as the new Chairman. Jae Hee tells Maru to do his best then, offering her hand for a shake which he just ignores and walks away. Eun Gi shakes her head while Choco asks why since all she needs to do is ask her oppa to take a trip together or go on a date.

By common K-Drama sense, my mind tells me that you love Eunki, you lied about being gay, and there’s a part of you that wants to protect her from Maru for that reason and that reason alone. Had he known that the girl was conning him, I’m not quite so sure he would have so “bravely” left his family.

I watched 5 dramas written by Lee Kyung Hee, only one of them Thank you had kind of a happy ending. He points out that Eun Gi is looking healthier and wonders if that is due to the power of love. So for me, I saw her as smearing her lipstick as both a realization that her attempts of trading seduction for power are futile as well as her invitation to descend into Crazy Land.

Do I have to throw the “A Love to Kill” card?

[Link Sinopsis] Nice Guy / Innocent Man (end) | This is My World

Koala… You said what i feel about this drama espescially this episode in the best way. I dunno why I dun think its Maru who left the document. This is a hot button issue for Jae-hee, and one which causes her to spit venom as she asserts that everything in this house, even down to a single speck of dust, is all hers.

Have I mentioned I love Kwang soo? An awkward elevator ride ensues when Jae-hee gets caught in the same car as Maru and Eun-ki, though she tries to cover it up by telling Eun-ki to move back home. I hope she realizes the whole truth quickly with the help of the sexy lawyer! Your email address will not be published. At the meeting, I think Maru’s shock was because Eun-ki went off-script. I think her love for Maru is so strong that everything else is inconsequential.


She knows EG will be able to bring him back to nicee. So, in part you are right. Maru, supposedly the former gigolo lady killer, asks Jae Gil for suggestions on where to take a girl on a trip and what is there to do to make her happy.

No man she can’t manipulate into doing what she wants? He had already decided to help Eun Gi, he wanted nothing. I can’t imagine EunGi going totally evil, especially 112 she is, at her core, emotionally pure.

You can guyy normal and live long but if you don’t take your insulin injections, not exercise, and indulge in sugary food stuffs, then you’re sure to die or something bad like that. Remember when she was a total brat at the start of the series and did a complete after her brother rescued her from a less than ideal living sitch with the battered moms? But if this drama ends with sad ending, then at least make it beautiful. I think in her mind that everything that happened since the accident was because Maru still wanted to get Jae-hee.

At that time, I was hungry for more happy and lovey-dovey scenes.

Maru looked very surprised when she entered his lane but kutudramq slowly his expression changed to a teary smile like he was accepting her challenge and going on a suicide mission. Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn assure each other that they will watch out and stay put in their current positions. Also, I highly doubt that he calculated for her memories to return. Compared to the problems I will point out, what you said right now is worth nothing.