It gives me that smooth comfort of the curchink of mirror snapping up to allow for the image to hit the film. I liked it so much I have three of them. Man, I love that. I did, however, fall pray to one pitfall of easy-peasy shooting: The dedicated flash unit is the Nikon Speedlight SB You could also get the gridded Type E screen and the microprism Type J screen. Thank you digital world for providing the film world with cheap but world class cameras! The N is a little heavier than my other AF bodies but has bells and whistles that offset the weight.

These semi-pro Nikons really are competent performers. Here Margaret stands between our two Fords in the parking lot at work. Most is not, unless you are lazy or have no eye for composition. See more photos from this camera in my Nikon N gallery. Moreover, the center-weighted or spot-metering options of the Nikon N give you control over the exposure, letting you take snaps the way you want. A new generation has discovered the quality f vinyl recordings and film cameras are sure to follow. I bought the 20mm mainly for photographing doorways my thing and some landscape work. The only weaknesses which were addressed in later Nikons were center point only autofocus, lack of built in autobracketing, lack of built in flash its kid sister, the N addressed that, another excellent camera , and limited compatiblity with later autofocus Nikon lenses.

And what a camera I got in the N To set mode, you have to repeatedly press the Mode button cammera look at the LCD.

After all, as you say, they are cheap nowadays. And it allows me to use film, which though very retro, produces colors far more true than digital.

Nikon F (N) – – The free camera encyclopedia

Battery compartment very clean. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Newer G-type lenses are usable with the Program and Shutter-Priority exposure programs though it is possible to use them in Manual or Aperture-Priority programs, but only at minimum aperture.


Lots of uninteresting photos was the fklm result. It uses four AA alkaline batteries, and without a lens, it weighs grams, or about 1.

Nikon F-801

This post shares almost all of the photos I think have any merit from this exposure roll. Boy, does it ever seem that way! Retrieved from ” https: It can be illuminated by pressing a button on the top plate’s backside.

One last thing in defense of film: I am NO camera expert, but I think this srl an outstanding camera that transitions between the ease cakera auto-focus and the best features of manual focus, and it produces excellent photographs.

Nikon N | Down the Road

I set the shutter to BULB. Although its autofocus mechanism is slow in comparison to modern standards, it was an improvement on Nikon’s first attempt at an autofocus SLR – the F N in North Americaand proved to be reliable and durable, typical of Nikon’s cameras. My former employer, at my request, bought two Nikon with infrared modules for Metz strobes mounted on a swing gizmo allowing the light to always be overhead of the lens.

The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions m8008 intended. I managed to slf a MF back which, by the way has an 81 page manual and, if you can do so also, you will be really ready to rock-n-roll. The Nikon love started when an F2 and an F3 were donated to my collection! Most relevant reviews See all camega reviews. Mine nikoon with the original owner’s manual and Niikon still have the tape video tutorial of my old N, which unfortunately lost its ability to keep the film door closed.


It’s not as trendy as a FM2 F3 or any of the ‘classics’ but technically superior to most film cameras, particularly the Ns Fs outside US model which has great spot metering. Actually, the camera is for my daughter who is taking some photography classes in school. Despite the camera’s complexity parts, two microcomputers, and eight ICsboth the F N and its successor the Fs Ns enjoy cmaera enviable reputation for extremely reliable performance and durability, a weak point of many mid-level AF SLR cameras.

So I sucked it up, as you Americans would say.

There are also lithium and rechargeable options. It is elegant, smooth, and well uses all of the F series lenses I already had. It’s in beautiful shape! The shutter mechanism uses metal blinds and an electronic release. Nikon Film is Not Dead!!!

My first one was an S model with faster autofocusing and spot metering which I rarely ended up using. But so bloody what? This, of course, should not be made a habit on successive frames unless you own stock in Kodak or Fuji.

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The has no popup flash which can be a bother but I rarely find the popups powerful enough.