Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. I was wondering why a bunch toothbrush pictures came up when I googled Monogatari anything. I just had to comment even if this post was two months back, but I damn wish I had an awesome Psychology teacher like yours. July 22, at 2: And funny how they were doing that for full 15 minutes instead of 5. The music choice was perfect. Join 32 other followers Follow.

Do you remember studying altered states of consciousness and did a spit take because an orgasm is an altered state of consciousness? Season 2 Episode 8: I have a feeling that she just wanted to seduce him and used Kanbaru as an excuse: It also lets us know just how fun it is to brush teeth and that we should have fun brushing our own teeth and maybe some teeth that belong to other people. May 15, at 6: Ok, we’ll see where this is going.. I thanked my teacher and, with this new knowledge, began to appreciate the structure of the delicate organ called the brain more. I’m fine with anything but child porn and incest, and this anime

If only… [adsenseyu1] Summary Karen pleads with Araragi to introduce her to Kanbaru, but Araragi makes her play a game with him to earn the right to meet Kanbaru: Monogatari never fails to deliver, even when it comes to fanservice. Post was nisempnogatari sent – check your email addresses!

My High School Psychology Teacher on Nisemonogatari’s Toothbrush Scene

Basically mind play, he is only brushing her teeth Placement on the shelf of a health food store does not guarantee a pure, GMO-free or high quality product. Oh, and the toothbrush scene was pretty hot. Didn’t know that a toothbrush could do things like that So I did the proper thing and asked my psychology teacher this simple question:. I wonder why Karen even wants to meet Kanbaru at all.


I had the most awkward boner watching again this scene. Also, this was a very interesting read and I quite enjoyed reading it. My favorite episode, loved it from the beginning to the end.

Nisemonogatari Episode 8 Discussion

Hmm, so this was the infamous toothbrush scene? I love Nisemonogatari, and in this scene reminded again why I love it. The Story of Saru 25 Feb, I guess this is one of the deeper ends of anime LOL. Didn’t even know something like that could become so lewd For one to allow an other to brush their teeth, they must share a very deep bond, giving us a lot of character development between the two characters.

Nisemonogatzri you to everyone who posted about how wrong, uncomfortable, or disgusting this episode was, as well as any of you who posted about how upset you were nisemonotatari how you were going to drop the series, I had a lot of fun reading it. What she needs is a visit to Senjougahara, for tips on wordplay and more boke-tsukkomi interactions.


This is like an evolved form. I couldn’t care less about the borderline incestuous relationship, but this brushing episode just made me question everything in life.

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BBCode Modified by bikers, Apr 27, 2: Instead of studying for my US Politics exam, I just wanted to see teeth being brushed. I have seen the light.

May 15, at 4: Ok, we’ll see where this is going. BBCode “I have blue eyes, blonde hair I’ve just got a new fetish.

Holy shit, so this is the famous toothbrush scene The Final Mission from the Boss.

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It’s the same pose as the main characters in Futari wa Precure, and ‘Arienai’ I can’t believe this is a common saying of Cure Black. I doubt Kanbaru would be a very good influence on her, once you look past the athlete star and amazing basketball player persona.

They were both clothed when Tsukihi caught them, anyway. Golden Wind Episode toithbrush The Story of Saru. Wow Araragi, your fetishes know no bounds.

So I have finally witnessed the source of the infamous toothbrush scene with context