Michael Baral as Cain Abel 2. Maxime Donnay as Cain. Atsushi Iwasaki 2nd Key Animation: Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Hikaru Nanase Original creator: This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri.

Millie Forsberg as Marie Oset. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss? Sonja Deutsch as Selma eps 2, 6. Madoka Kimura as Roselitte ep 3. Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Rebecca Silverman digs in. The hard-working illustrator behind the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto answers a few questions about their incredible career.

Registering is freeeasyand private. Rie Tanaka as Sister Lain. David Manet as Eusis Roland. She’s raised by caretakers because her ffather spends all his time studying in a tower with his apprentice, Roux. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Maki Tamura as Lady B ep 6. Have you seen this? Shigeo Kiyama as Man A ep 1.

Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Julia Asttraea as Vincent. Chiwa Saito as Adel Roland. Episodr Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Hiroshi Naka as Bo Holy. Before the Fall Manga Ends in March Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Jouji Nakata as Liamon Riez. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, Trapped between opposing factions and manipulative parties, Firiel finds her life in danger, and her best hope is to learn the queenly skills her rivals already know.


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Yukiko Mizuochi tesyament Lady A ep 6. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss? Elsa Poisot as Marie Oset.

Mitsuki Saiga as Igraine Burnett. Takehiro Murozono as Party hall voice ep 6. Kaho Kouda as Ravenna.

Asad Schwarz as Lot Chrisbard. Login or Register forgot it?

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Ayumi Tsunematsu as Vincent Clemencia Daquitaine. Inastrafa began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Game Reviews Columns incl. Kathrin Neusser as Firiel Dee. Vilma Borromeo as Leandra Cheviat.

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Hiromi Hirata as Roux Ltskin. Takaya Hashi as Count Rualgo ep 2. Tommy Morgenstern as Eusis Roland. Teruaki Ogawa as Bard ep 1.

Anja Stadlober as Cisaria eps 3, 5. Hitoshi Bifu as Bentman ep 1. Susanne Kaps as Laelia. Mio Yasuda as Laelia.


I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c Gabriella takes a look at an underrated magical girl show that takes place in the streets of Harajuku, while Paul runs down all this week’s new blu-ray releases!