Pretty please like us on Facebook, then we can be friends for life. He’s written and directed a feature length surf movie set in the future, complete with surfer acting. If you’re sick of memes clogging up your news feed, like us on Facebook. Interview by Ali Klinkenberg Today, the filmer to the pro surfer is like the caddy to the pro golfer. Is it a long-arm, short-leg wetsuit day, or a short-arm, long-leg wetsuit day? Mickey Kojak, noted Gorillaz fanboy, dives deep into their new album, Humanz One critical analysis to end them all. We were talking about last years Oscar nominations, and he launched into a captivating monologue about what a great actor he thought he’d be. Finally some creativity in surfing!

Dude uses witty Powerpoint presentation to try and win over a Tinder match. More Lists 2 years ago. Brought to you by Monster Energy. I just scoop up whoever’s hanging around my house in Byron and we go surf. Creed’s the name, tweaking’s the game. Mixtape A collection of musical recordings. The Byron Bay Aldi will never be the same again.

May 1 The essential nationwide cheapskates’ event guide. Off Beat Unorthodox question and answering. Mkvie feature length film hosts an all-star surf cast, which isn’t unusual of course, but it is the yearthe ocean has dried up due to pollution, and the only way to surf is to travel back in time.


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Nix Nic Nooley Premiere ~ A Surf Movie by Toby Cregan

Yes sir, of course I can apply your sunscreen. Throughout the movie they are joined by an array of characters, outrageous surfing, and acting so bad it’s good. A weird concept, some hilarious acting and a omvie of fucking good-fun surfing.

And, that ain’t a bad thing. Close Like what you’re reading?


We did a few trips to the West and Bali, but mainly it’s just good old fashioned East coast road vibes.

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The boys in the movie paid for my flights and everything was independently done. Creed McTaggart, the unofficial leader of this merry gang of misfits, jumps for joy.

Although he’ll probs be leaving the bub at home for his upcoming Creepin’ Nid Tour. The movie’s movi made in our spare time wherever we are. I just scoop up whoever’s hanging around my house in Byron and we go surf. Toto’s Africa will play ‘for eternity’ in Africa because memes and solar power 1 month ago. A little synopsis before you dive in: Anonymous Zone A new film by Kai Neville.


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What Youth Issue 5. Did you write the whole script yourself? No doubt more info will niz soon. Offline Photos of people wearing WY gear in interesting places. We got Beau in a dress and just ran with it.

Took him to the supermarket and shit. Wanna win a novie surfboard? Doped Youth’s my favourite movie of all time, and Vaughn Dead, who made it, still says that it’s the thing he’s most proud of. Beau Foster’s like, real smooth. Tony be damned, it’s time to go into online hiding.

An hour later we had the skeleton of the story movue knew that it needed to be set in the future. You can check out the trailer below. Did you fund it yourself?


A year’s worth of Good Vibes Style. The spirit of Doped Youth lives on. Byron Noolej is his jam. Creedo, Dunc, Ellis, are the leads.