But men like Wali die protecting the women whom they love. This first episode of Numm revealed few things about the central characters but there is so much more that the viewers have yet to find out. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Like Liked by 1 person. At a very young age Wali was married off to an elder woman Mahjabeen. Fawad, Sania and Kanza. Balaa — Drama, Romance 8.

Not Rated 41 min Drama, Romance. How Wedding Whizz plans to make weddings an eco-friendly affair in Pakistan Begun by student entrepreneurs, and profitable within a year of going into business, Wedding The way the grand haveli that contained so many ugly secrets and unhappy people was captured in the opening scene of this episode was absolutely beautiful. Once again, Mahira Khan shines in the lead role of Shano and Adnan Malik does justice to the tall, dark, and handsome hero expectations of Khalil. I have to say that I liked the first episode of Numm much more than this second installment. TV play about everyday life of army officers at Pakistan Military Academy. A story of an obsessive women Nigar who crosses all limits to win her love interests which just marks the beginning of the worst that is yet to come. I remember to have seen a Pakistani serial when I was in Abu Dhabi.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Now that I live in Canada, I watch the dramas because they remind me of home. A Pakistani school boy from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan sacrifices his life by preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school.

Sami KhanNeelam Muneer. An epic story of a brutal landlord’s decision to fight the government nummm preserve his elite status that he inherited from his ancestors. Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

I loved the fact that neither Wali nor Mehjabeen were clear about the feelings they ddrama for each other because relationships are murky and grey and not black and white like how most stories would have us believe.

Meri Zaat Zarrae Benishan — Drama 9. Waris — Approved 50 min Crime, Drama, Thriller 8. This film is a tribute to Aitzaz Hasan. A shying and fearing girl along with her mother are being victimized by funny-yet-clever hypocrite.


Kanza Wyne did very well in some of the scenes but in others the expressions appeared to be over the top; what the character needed was slight subtleness and I would have felt more for Neelam.

Ahson Talish also acted in small scenes as a male protagonist Fawad khan father. They felt that Ratlng Bakht was a typical male chauvinist who abused his wives and thus was more slap worthy than an irritating Kanza Wayne, her unbearable accent and her tendency to befriend trees. Starting with the currently playing dramas, the list delves into productions of yore sifting through them chronologically.

An ending that made me Numm | arsalan writes…

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Original Soundtrack OST Numm television release poster. And above all, what I bet everyone failed to see was that he was a man who loved both his wives enough to secure their future as he saw what was coming his way. Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

Which super awesome, Samina Peerzada play mentioned in the list has been based on a true story? Asher, already in love with his new wife, agrees. Quetta Drama 8.

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Numm Episode 07 — Snoozefest! Since she doesn’t know what he looks like, a fugitive sees the opportunity of impersonating him and tries to kill him. But what turned out nkmm be the heavier part of the deal was her own unwillingness to understand the complications that dwelled within the system and her stupidity to think that Mahjabeen was a good-for-nothing tramp while not even trying to uncover the real truth.

Really… even children outgrow the last! Retrieved from ” https: I have been following Pakistani dramas for a long time. And when he grew of age, she became more affectionate towards him as did Wali himself. Bano and her fiance face the trials and tribulations ratingg by the Indian partition.


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Ddrama backs Khizar’s lies and kicks Khirad out of the house before Asher can speak to her. A wandering pilgrim encounters a stranger while searching for a fabled monastery. But then does that imply that more men like Wali Bakht who dare to challenge the ideals of a feudal society have to give up their lives in order for us to rid ourselves of this socio-cultural evil that still prevails within us?

For me the most important as well as. Manahil gets angry to know, that proposal came for her and she fights with Salahuddin for not telling her. Numm Numm television release poster. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Plans would be made around the airing of the episodes: The lyrics were penned down by Ahson beautifully and gain a huge acclaim. Theme song Television soundtrack.

Numm — Episode 08 Zahra Mirza October 12, People may think that Wali died by accident as the killers had been sent for Mahjabeen and her son.

Numm – Episode 01 |

Story revolves around on the splinted family issue with separated parents. The lead singer’s girlfriend takes an instant dislike to Enaaya and there is friction on stage.

Email required Address never made public. Not Rated 40 min Drama, Romance.

Most of the drama was shot in Lahore and Abbotabad. This latest episode was a complete disappointment; the unnecessary screen time given to the conversations between servants in particular left me clueless.

Sara refuses, but Farida insists her, since Khizar threatens to admit the truth to Asher. Numm — Episode 01 Fatima Awan August 24,