Odyssey Golf- White Hot Pro 2. Now lets discuss the milling. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? I really liked the Bronze Tour 9 but didn’t like the back weighted Black 9’s, this is the best 9 so far, however if I could change one thing it would be the shiney finish, I’d prefer a matt or Black finish. I can not even begin to describe how pleased I am with this putter. It is shaped almost like a pistelero, but not quite as thick. Solid review mate – great job.

I love the feel of my current 9, so I’m not really sure how I would like the Protype in comparison. Solid review mate – great job. Several functions may not work. The best feeling putter I’ve tried is a Kia Ma monaco or imola , all black head from a few years ago. The 2 and 6 is are sleepers, too. Nike Method Mod 90 Putter Giveaway. I am a little concerned that the finish won’t hold up, and may start to rust as carbon steel putters are notorious for this.

You get a nice tone at impact and the ball gets rolling right away. Odyssey have done really well these. OK, so here is your putter quiz. Odyssey dubbs this finish the “Midnight black finish” and says that the “Black PVD finish helps reduce glare and create a distinctive design prottype inspires confidence.

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Callaway Big Bertha 5W Hybrid: Like I said before These were a hit for some, but missed with me, as I really prefer the feeling of a metal face when I putt.


This putter really fits my eye and it oozes quality. I love the feel of that thing in my 2-Ball Blade. Ping G Max 9. Posted 02 March – I’ve always liked heel shafted putters and regretted selling my Del Mar 3.

I am waiting on the Metal-X putters in 9 and the head to compare before dropping a couple C notes.

Wow, what a great setup and feel. I was just going back and forth between the Del Mar and Miurabut probably should have added this putter to them mix.

They look beautiful and I really liked the one I rolled in my local shop, but I didn’t get to try it on a real green. Taylormade RBZ Tour The ProType series does contain the first milled 2-Ball ever.

Odyssey Protype Black #9 FULL REVIEW! – Putters – GolfWRX

I don’t reccomend this putter to people with SBST strokes simply because of the toe hang. Your review title You putterr enter a title.

Posted 06 March – I was not familiar with this series of putters, but rolled one in the store last night and was very surprised! It is shaped almost like a pistelero, but not quite as thick. I really like the looks of these black protypes Posted 19 March – Posted 11 January – If I put a good stroke on the putt, the ball consistently rolled out the distance that I wanted it to, if not a bit past the hole.

Several functions may not work. This is a really sharp looking, phenomenal performing putter. The ball seems to jump off the face, but it doesn’t skid.


Better than one would think. Not the most forgiving, but a top offering.

PUTTER REVIEW! – Odyssey ProType Tour Series #9

Also the original prototype that was made of stainless steel I have heard feels almost like scotty”s german stainless steel putters so I cannot make up my mind what to get as the prototype was the begining of this outter and they suddenly switched to carbon steel!?! I honestly think I’m going to have this one for a long time. I can only hope it translate to the course!

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So prottpe began my search on Ebay Learn how your comment data is processed. If the pros use them, you know they have to be made well.

This does have a different feel from the Black. The satin finish provides a nice contrast to the green without generating glare. If you said soft, you are a winner. For puttef, I there were a few critical observations that came from the 9 trials:.