Seriously though, this episode further clarifies what the one thing this show really needs is: Takamasa Sakurai Focus Panel Jul 30, Hideyuki Hori as Vigaro eps The Click – March 18th-March 24th Mar 18, Very good lmao, it’s an awesome series. On Chapter 21 now, this dude fuked up the mans that run the informatory. After Ayase takes her leave, Kyosuke and Ruri reconfirm their stance on their relationship, with Kyosuke stating he won’t start dating until he settles things with Kirino. I would have gotten laid so much in High school if I knew that trick.

Japan Expo Aug 3, In the middle, middle sister of Kuroneko also came! January Jan 15, So much Ayase in one episode i am thoroughly satasfied, this was one of my favorite episodes for this season. Bella Hudson as Monkey D. Funimation Industry Panel Jul 1, Rieko Takahashi as Conis. Clay Wheeler as Papaneel.

Kirino gets a long awaited eroge in the post and spends the entire day playing it, despite some frustration in the beginning when one character is cold towards her. As Kyosuke gets in line, he runs into his classmate, Kouhei Akagi, who is buying a yaoi eroge for his own sister. Well, as I assume everybody should know by now, there will be 3 OVAs which will be xnime44 in one day in august or so I think.

Josh Tyler eps Niki Cooper eps Naruto’s voice is annoying as fuk, but imo most of the voices really fit. Gin no Saji 1st episode is out, think its by the same authors who did fullmetal http: The Click – Feburary 9th – 15th Feb 9, Junpei Takiguchi as Commodore Nelson.


April May 20 May 24, The screenplay was written by Hideyuki Kuratawith Tsukasa Fushimi writing episode znime44. Opening Ceremonies Jul 29, Taiten Kusunoki as Rolling Logan Urouge.

The Click – May 5th – May 11th May 5, I wouldn’t describe Nagisa as a woe is me type of character, she has her weaknesses but she works through them, she doesn’t wallow in self pity is what I mean Tomoya is more guilty of this than her. Haruna Ikezawa as Caimie. Toshiaki Kuwahara as Charlotte Cadenza. Masahiro Ogata as Old Cook ep From what I’ve seen of the manga it seems to be more comedic and focus on that than the main story.

Manami’s grandpa tricks them into sharing the same room that night, which prompts them to talk. Jeremy Schwartz as Oars Jr. When Ayase still has doubts about her hobby, Kyosuke puts on a bold act, which causes Ayase to hate him. Return of the Answerman Aug 14, Episode of Skypiea special Archived from the original on January 4, Jim White as Haredas.

Lol, who would of expected beef between two Manga Authors. Wow, she’s like a housewife who came almost everyday. Kenji Hamada as Atmos ep Inazuma Killer. Kanji Suzumori as Isshi 20 ep 82 Wapol’s Minion ep Touko Aoyama as Akihiro ep As Kirino runs off, Kyosuke fondly recalls the adventure with his little sister.

Someone aware me on loliconbrah’s and.


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode 12 Discussion

As he is preparing to move back, Ayase confesses her feelings for him, but he politely declines, revealing that he is already in love with someone else. Kazuya Ichijou as Breed eps Charlotte Moscato. Fumiko Orikasa as Miss Valentine Wanda. Kyosuke anmie44 a small outburst at Kirino for her behavior, until she gives him a present, saying she is grateful for all his help.

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Even if she got rejected At least that’s what I hear from other people’s opinions Just as they leave the Comiket, they are spotted by Ayase. Minoru Suzuki as Minoru Kazeno ep The Click – June 23 – 29 Jun 23, Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Retrieved February 15, Funimation Productions Dec 7, Josh Martin as Minotaurus.

Mami Kingetsu as Miss Merrychristmas. Mami Kingetsu as Charlotte Compote Stussy.

That said, I didn’t know Tomoyo had a twin with the same name, nor do I remember a female x female relationship. Under Pressure Oct 19, When Kirino forces Kyosuke to play a beat-em-up eroge, he asks Saori for some playing advice.

Masaki Terasoma as Caribou. Akemi Okamura as Nami. Japanese Box Office Update Mar 15,