Anyway, this little inconvenience still remain for mobile devices Toiki wa Yasashiku Shihaisuru. Hope u will understand! Anonymous 14 June at Roby85 m 16 September at If you mean that you dont find all the porjects of before, it’s coz I need to re up them!!!! With big pleasure I will add this to my list and start working on it soon! I heard the fourth drama cd on kuroneko kareshi series is out already?

Can you OK Bye Bye!. Mik mik 17 June at Hopefully it will be online tonight! Anyway, this little inconvenience still remain for mobile devices Can you do the drama CD for Elektel Delusion? Thank you for letting us know that we could enjoy this project soooooo soon! Cold Blood Kissy 22 December at

Anonymous 13 September at Remember when u told me there was a friend of urs that was editing Viewfinder? Anyway dont force urself too much to be here!

void cd drama manga part 1 usa audifonos

Roby85m 9 February at It need some time to reup cz it had more than 30 tracks in it Roby85m 4 February at I mean it more like hey maybe only a user can see this problem from this pointer view or something. Actually I already watched the video on Youtube but it was not the complete version.


I will let u know as soon as I can! I cant tell I would do it right away Roby85 m 14 September at I swear I was not drunk Im sorry if it sounds rude, but if any chance you still have the cd, may I? I think it’s already completed. Sorry, as u may have noticed that project wasnt edited by me, the videomaker is SarahTsuda!

Yuiichan 8 February at If I will have the possibility this is what I wish to do! This take me back in time! I remember it wasfor a bet she lost and she had to edit a sexy video as a punishment You just click on the link I sent, and off to the right under my name there will be a “follow” button, and you click that to become one of my followers, and I’ll get the notification, and follow you back.

HI Roby-San, how are you!!! Mik mik 17 June at Videos are over there coz there is someone who worked on it to be out! Probably with otlna some videos went offline!

Roby85m 23 October at Then u like modern themes huh?!?! Unknown 29 January at Anonymous 26 November at Also, it is still a lot of work. You know what capp.1 say, better school better work better life not always like that, but yeah this is what we all do! I understand that you are busy.


Dummy: Sensei Wa Dummy

Power of yaoi, we picked the same project! Sorry for this late anawer, I’m swamped by all the dramz ups!! If not is there a possible chance you could find a new site that works well for computers and phones? Anonymous 15 January at But I will ask to the girls and see if they are willin to work on it?!??

Have a nice day kisses. I don’t know who you are or what you are. Anonymous 19 January at As someone who is still in school, I think it’s pretty cool to have completed.

Of course if you want to do it, it’s not like I would not appreciate!!! Fluffy Kitty 29 May at