She is not very social and hates lies! Pant is a much-respected personality back in his hometown. This is a story of two youngsters Urmi and Vasu who falls in love with each other. Urmi gets annoyed by only one thing, lies! A Youth Centric Emotional Entertainer. Kumud tells Ramchandra that she saw Urmi and Aditi going towards Pannt’s room. He further tells Pannt that he has ordered Ramachandra to change their astrological charts. Nandini’s aatya tells Urmi’s grandmother that Urmi and Vasu don’t live together.

Vidhyadhar calls Urmi and tells her that he feels proud of her. Kumd Pannt says that it was Urmi’s fault. Pannt tells Mai that Nandini has agreed to marry Sunil. Pannt expresses his concern over his elder son and daughter-in-law’s dispute. Later, Nandini tells her aunt that she is feeling guilty for her actions in the past. Related Article You May Like. He further tells Nandini that she should think of her future.

Vasu supplicates Mai to not send Urmi to her parents’ house. Mai tells Pannt that Urmi is scared of her father and that she doesn’t want to go to her parents house. Sunil meets Nandini and tells her that he wants to marry her.

Pannt suggest Nandini to go along with Urmi to a Psychiatrist. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Urmi tells Pannt that she suggested Aditi to write a letter to him. How will these two families with opposite thoughts come together?


Mai suggests Urmi to seek apology from Nandini. Nandini tells her aunt that Sunil wants to marry her. Nandini gets attracted towards Sunil, and praises Sunil.

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Pasant Aahe Mulgi Zee Marathi New Serial Cast Crew Actress Actor Story

Urmi is also doing MA but in Psychology. Aditi’s husband calls Ramachandra and tells him that he wants a divorce from Aditi. Urmi tells Mai that she fears that Pannt and her father may get involved in a dispute.

Vasu and Aditi suggests Urmi that they should reveal Nandini’s character to Pannt.

Later at night, Vasu helps Urmi in househld works. Urmi tells Vasu that Kumud and Ramachandra are not happy with their relation. He values traditional values in his house and loves his eldest son, Vasu. Kumud pleads Pannt to not send her to her parents house. She further tells Pannt that Vidhyadhar may not attend the wedding. Urmi tells Vasu that they should support Aditi in her decision to get divorce. Urmi has only one close friend, she does not believe in a large group of friends.


Will Pannt allow Urmi to reside in his house? Nandini’s aunt learns that Nandini is getting attracted towards Sunil.

Urmi – Resham Urmi is a student of M. Pannt tells Mai to send personal invitation to Urmi’s parent.

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Pasant Ahe Mulgi Season 1. Which other serials has this actress worked in? Girish Oak plays the role of Lasant His character is an old-fashioned authoritarian, righteous, and well-disciplined person, with lots of respect in his village.

Com All Rights Reserved. Aditi gets disapointed with Mai’s words.

Vasu gets surprised to see Ramachandra helping Kumud in kitchen. Vasu suggests Urmi to reveal about their secrets to her father.

Vasu and Urmi go out on a walk.