They crew has to arrange for the actors and manage the unruly crowds. Till now he had acted on the stage. Satisfied with a job well done he walked away without waiting to receive the wages due to him. Kindly add at least some elusive words. I never imagined that you will rekindle the fire of acting in me. The story, Patol Babu, Film Star , describes a film shoot. Patol Babu practiced his dialogue in a variety of ways to make that as authentic as possible. Oh, yes, I had the time of my life.

But you are not telling me anything about your role. He also rehearsed how he would react physically when the collision took place — he would twist his face in pain, fling his arms, and crouch to show pain and surprise. He was convinced it was all a cruel joke they were playing on him. Morever, the director is always on tenterhooks to finish the shooting. Every scene has to be rehearsed many times before it is finally shot. He was a true actor for whom creative satisfaction was foremost and not money. Answer Patol Babu had a very smooth life till he lost his first job in Calcutta. Browse Study Material 1 Sample Papers.

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Do you think making a movie is an easy job? Question 4b Discuss the following questions in detail and write the answers in your notebooks: The production unit has to see minor details, arrange for actors for small roles, and arrange for props.

Yours truly, Patol Babu. He asks this question because he thought that every actor had a role to play With certain dialogues. But when I understood the significance of the role, I was very excited and highly motivated. At first he opened a variety store which he had to wind up after five years. In case of an outdoor shooting, crowd management is another headache.

Why had Patol Babu lost his first job in Calcutta? So what happened at shooting today? Oh, yes, I had the time of my life.


Mr. Monotosh Dey, M.A( English), , PGDSLM ( IGNOU) : Patol Babu-the Film Star

The first one has been done for you ‘I was with Hudson and Kimberley for nine years and wasn’t late for a single day. It is strongly recommended that you prepare the solution on your own. Share with a friend. When he was told that the dialogue consisted of just a monosyllable “oh”, he was upset answerss first.

He also shares his experience at the film shoot including the excitement and deep satisfaction that he derived from the same.

He worked hard at inventing various ways to enunciate the dialogue by giving it various kinds of emotions. Even though he had to utter just a monosyllable in the play Patol Babu did his part to perfection. This is a group activity to be carried out by the students in class.

How do his words help Patol Babu in enacting his role? Patol Babu is quite excited at getting that offer as it had rekindled the old flame of acting in him.

Every scene has to be rehearsed many times before it is finally shot. How do his words help Patol Babu in enacting his role? I tutor the children living near my house who cannot afford expensive tuitions, This helps them and I too have started getting practice in this profession. Patol Babu believed it was not about whether the role that an actor plays is major or bxbu, rather performance of the actor mattered the most.

Patol Babu, Film star – Satyajit Ray – NCERT Solutions CBSE Class 10 English

With your partner answer the following questions: After Patol Babu returns home he recounts his experience in front of the camera to his wife. Motivated by these words, Patol Babu decides to rehearse his part before the final shoot.

Patol Babu is initially very disappointed because of the small role he had been given. Yours truly, Patol Babu.

Patol Babu

I am very determined to achieve my dreams. Formulae Handbook for Class 10 Maths and Science. I must confess something—I was initially disappointed with my role and dialogue. It didn’t matter if the part was small, but, if he had to make the most of it, he had to learn his lines beforehand. How did Patol Babu react?


At last, he fklm a very grateful man and never gave up the responsibilities that were given to him even though he was a very mixed up man and a confused personality.

Patol Babu writes a letter to Nishikanto Ghosh to thank him for being instrumental in his getting a role in a film. The character he described reminded Nishikanto Babu of Sttar Babu so he gave him his address and asked him to get in touch with him. Why do I need to sign in? How do his words patop Patol Babu in enacting his role? Patol Babu was a very good actor and he thought that by giving him such an insignificant role they had made a mockery of him and his acting skills.

Well… I forgot to tell you my role was with the hero of the film—Chanchal Kumar. Write the letter in about words. These were the special touches which he gave to his look for making his role seem more authentic. The noise and extreme weather can, at times, distract an actor. I can put my hand to any type of work. Patol Babu cleared his throat and started enunciating the syllable in various ways.

However, a brief idea on the solutions has been provided for your reference. Tell me about your part? I thought of writing this letter just to say thanks for all your efforts in getting me a role in the film.