Bernie Richard Linklater, Jack Black as the lovable, neatly dressed and manicured undertaker in a small Texan town is right on the money. A Royal Affair Nikolaj Arcel, A historical costume drama that tells of the court of Christian V11 of Denmark in the 18th century that is rocked by adultery, insanity, sadomasochism and politics. An American Legend Walter Hill, Antti Alanen Michael J. In co-operation with Cinando. The Polish Minister of Culture signed an agreement with his counterpart in India on bilateral cooperation in the audiovisual sector.

She’s acting in a film about a husband’s death just at the time of Khowro’s passing, but insists in going on with it, and rather creepily gets the giggles in a scene and has to stop. A bit sad to see this festival continue to struggle for relevance, with leftovers such as the horribly-received Berlinale pic “I, Anna” getting a slot. A psycho-surveillance thriller about the benign dystopia of gentrification and its crime-free ghettoes in which the middle class is imprisoning itself. Both Phoenix and Hoffman scorch the screen with their mesmeric performances. It is certainly sophisticated, haute bourgeois material about posh, jaded artist-intellectuals , but though it has its occasional amusing, bustling moments, and Leila Hatami Mosaffa’s real-life spouse has a glow and cheekbones almost worthy of the young Ingrid Bergman or the young Isabella Rossellini, Mosaffa, however influential an actor he may be, has, despite its intricacy, not I think made in this sophomore effort a film quite worthy to be mentioned in the same breath with these other artists and works. A further limitation comes from the earlier World Poll deadline this year.

2012 World Poll – Part One

Google [Bot] and 16 guests. Competition programm is on this link http: The film has nice moments, and he is clearly one to watch.

No guts no glory! While I generally enjoy David O. Abrams, to The Artist Michel Hazanavicius,have placed themselves at the beginnings of cinema.

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Ilian Metev Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Of that number 9 had Festival Passes, were filmmakers, film professionals, and journalists. The 47 th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, a non-specialized festival with four wathc categories, took place from June 29 st to July 7 th this year.


In a move reminiscent of Copie conforme Certified CopyAbbas Kiarostami,Isabelle invites the unformed boy into her imagination. An American Legend Walter Hill, Film Industry at the 47 th Karlovy Vary IFF film buyers, sellers, distributors, film festival programmers, representatives of film institutions, and other industry professionals were accredited for the 47th Karlovy Vary Aatch.

Thanks for reminding me! Saudade Tatsuya Tomita, From the local to the universal, an extraordinary oeleh yet easily accessible cinematic translation of the forces that reshape and threaten contemporary societies.

And thus Mosaffa renounces any interest in confronting contemporary Iranian political and social issues. The biggest enemy of cinema, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — possibly the only country in the world than bans cinema from being made and exhibited — remains a close ally of the democratic western world in its charitable effort to export free speech worldwide.

May his drums beat on for long! Perhaps the couple alienation here somehow represents the same Iranian impulse worked out more subtly and economically in the Tuscan hills, with a French actress and glossy European cinematography and a more mature, restrained writer-director’s hand in Kiarastomi’s Certified Copy. Though it’s hard to tell too much from a 3 or 4 sentence summary.

The Iran Job – Official Trailer – Iranian Movies

Hollywood-averse readers may find it useful to know which Hollywood films are worth viewing. Ten films that really impressed me, all released inin no particular order: Previous topic Next topic. It was screened for this review as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival, where akhr shows 4,8, and 9 May Anything by Franju and I am cauterised to the spot.

Carriers Czech Airlines, a. Wed Apr 17, 2: Some Moscow titles have also been announced, as well as two jury members.

And mind you, the ingenuity gives pleasure and this is a heck of a head trip. Their program of shorts are often abysmal.

I want cinema as event — not the IMAX 3D kind of event, but one that marks a subjective rupture in some way, that redraws the peleg, opens up new possibilities, and reminds me of why I should bother making films and how I might try to do so differently. Beasts of the Southern Wild. A further limitation comes from the earlier World Poll deadline this year. Ti West, Joe Swanberg, et al.


Official Selection – Competition

In co-operation with Cinando. Here the dissatisfaction is not political but personal. Here’s the list of 10 films competing for the New Asian Talent Award It’s good to see two Indian films here and one in the main competition. She seems like an angel of death, because she keeps flashing on an admirer in Tafresh when she was very young who stood outside paying court to her in the rain and was scorned by onllne again pfleh laughed then immediately died.

This will be my first time at the festival and I’m looking forward to it. Last edited by puxzkkx on Thu Sep 06, 8: I’m not sure about inclusion in other years, but China often has a simmering distrust of India, and everything official here has a political component. Jean-Jacques Annaud is president of the Jury. Eva Neymann Ukraine, Unlike past years when paring down the list seemed impossible, I had difficulty finding 10 films to fill the slots this year.

As a result, I saw fewer new releases this year than in most years of my adult life. Any others, particularly docs? On July 7 ththe festival’s juries presented awards for the best films at the closing ceremony of the 47 th Karlovy Vary IFF.

The emotional tone of the film ambiguously dour and its bitter circularity make for an un usual tale of democratic triumph.