Portrait of C 4: Synopsis — Conquest and Prison is a two-part suite of site-specific dance films set in Grahamstown, South Africa. February 15 at 7: Marie Craven assembles videos from poetry, music, voice, still and moving images, by various artists around the world. He has published poetry and prose in a wide variety of literary journals, and his visual work both drawings and videos has been shown in Canada, the US, UK, Greece, Kazakhstan, Korea, and Cuba. Helmie also organised the Filmpoem Festival at the independent cinema Depot in Lewes.

When the soul, like a butterfly, is rife With fondest dreams we seek the words to name them To nail inconstants with brief constancy And the young girl smiling shyly at a boy Within her mind a wife yet proves to be. Up to thirty films will be shortlisted and screened during the festival in October. He directed several video clips for the music band, Fat Freddy during and Kayla Jeanson Canada Kayla Jeanson is a Winnipeg-based filmmaker who specializes in producing screendance and work on the edge of documentary. Film making and poetic narrative writing is a new direction for Julia. I found it in his papers after he died. Synopsis — Scanning through an isolation of life.

She has also collaborated for several years as a vocalist with electronic musicians globally, also via the internet. Guidelines Entry is free to anyone, and should be made via email to poetryfilm [at] obheal. Synopsis — Wadland is a poetic wildlife documentary about the life in the sand of a tidal plain, and the search for a lost childhood memory.

Conquest and Prison 8: The White Flower 3: Instead, they hold to hope eternally. February 17 at 4: Synopsis — In many parts of the world the water rights of native peoples are being forcefully acquired by multinationals. During the s and early s she wrote and directed short narrative and experimental films that were screened and pighig widely at international film festivals.


Often created via the internet, the fompetition are collaborative in essence. I like the weird and unusual and most of all I enjoy drawing by hand.

Poetry filmmakers wanted!

Working alongside her father and grandfather from childhood into her twenties, she learned early that however carefully they planned, their success depended to a significant extent on the vagaries of the weather. His interest now shifts more and more towards surrealism. I hold no stern expectation competihion leisure. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Cheryl Gross is an illustrator and motion graphic artist living and working in the New York area.

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Finn Harvor is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and musician who lives in South Korea. Compeition Craven assembles short videos from poetry, music, voice and moving images by various artists around the world. No, since everyone is, at least two. Her award winning documentaries and film poems have been shown on national television and international film festivals.

Synopsis — The Book of Hours is a contemporary re-imagining of a Medieval book of hours. Copies of any poem herein require the prior consent of the respective poet. Feel free to comment below or to drop me a message.

Sunday 14th October 5. They would each headline a session 3 sessions in all which would poeyry include 3x 5 minute slots for open micers to perform their poems on the wider theme of migration “The Human Flow”.

Dance is a form of a visual poetry. Still, which of us is rich enough in fortune To marry the first time we give our hearts? Competition Shortlist — Screening A Never would I blaspheme against lasting love Nor argue there is not great victory When that first flame a long solution simmers And builds a life out of its constancy.


But his decline and dysfunctional decision-making was also linked to dysfunction within the family. The Weekend Festival Events include: Marie Craven assembles videos from poetry, music, voice, still and moving images, by various artists around the world.

Caroline Rumley is a multi-modal storyteller working with video, pictures, found footage, spoken word, text, and sound. My heart seeks for a recompense more rare. Her earliest involvement in media was portry the mids with super 8 film-making in Melbourne.

So do not sneer at those whom love abandons They are not weak, foolish or unworthy Or otherwise deserving of false fortune. She lives in county Wicklow. The Desktop Metaphor 2: I’m sorry that it’s been a while, but as usual life has been a whi Synopsis — The poet muses about the beauty and complexity of his country, Mauritania.

Pighogg Robinson February 19 at 3: She works in Atlanta, where she lives with her family.

Synopsis — A girl is forced out of her dreams due to a superior command. I do not love requesting ease or riches Nor do I want largess as proof of care. Social networking and open media licensing are key to the process.

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Synopsis — Why are free sample stations in fancy grocery stores so terrifying? Merlynda Robinson is with Merlynda Robinson and 2 others. Synopsis — Scanning through an isolation of life.

Why do we frown on those who chanced to love But whose love did not last the test of time?