Really intriguing… Thank you for your insightful review SZ. Zahra Mirza January 1, On a more serious note, VZ and All: So for her to see him sabotage her position in his life and so easily divide her domain and grant it to another woman for whatever purposes has to be the last straw — if not that then what will open her eyes to the fact that her husband is the most ungrateful foolish loser that ever lived? Possibly substituting himself somewhere between the lines there.. Re Shagufta looking in the mirror: That pretty much sums it up!

I think she has kept the dream of Shams alive all along. SZ, thank you so much for arranging the sawaal-jawaab with HKB, really appreciate it! All she had ever wanted was to be with her beloved, but Shams never cared for her the way she had convinced herself he did. Firstly because for a change we did not get to see a lot of Maria, Laila and all the extras who. Also amazing was AK skinning the apple.. Bus wohi khoobi tou le doobi Goshi ko lol…. Zahra Mirza January 8, Suleri Sahab is the man!!

In the first couple of episodes there were quite a few scenes of Ilyas flying kites and in one of the scenes Ilyas tells Bhola that successful kite flying has nothing to do with the kite itself but has everything to do with the skill of the one controlling the string. Preet Na Kariyo Koi — Episode 09! Oh btw also couldnt help noticing hareesa convo last week.

Things are coming together really well here. She conveyed so much without saying a word. It airs Sat and Sun, and so far three episodes have aired. Preet Na Kariyo Koi — Episode 10! Every single scene, was amazing!


All I want to do while watching every.

Preet Na Kariyo Koi Episode 13 promo on Hum TV – 19th January 2016

Tere Mere Beech — Episode 08! All my focus has been on Shagufta and I have neglected these two. Zahra Mirza December 8, For me it was her foreseeing the future and gearing up for the life ahead. I must say I am totally impressed with the script that Amna Mufti has come up with. And thank you for recommending the essay.

But I promise to look at both Shams and Suleri with a more understanding eye from now on. Yes Mor Mahal looks huge and just so awesome.

Zahra Mirza December 27, Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was interesting too. Looking forward to reading more next week… Like Like.

So this is what writing in a non-judgmental way is…hmm. Have you watched Ulloo Baraye Farokht Nahin? Shams with Zarina on his arm — kaiyo the promo is an indication. Zahra Mirza December 12, And A plus usually have some good ones on air…Need to think about it….

Preet Na Kariyo Koi

This was my fav scene of the episode. I think it might be a political baazi between Shams and Shagufta. Tere Mere Beech — Episode 07! Mana Ka Gharana — Episode 03! And for Zarina too. Love the kites analogy.

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Suleri being the first one to say it on face of Shams… I had this kameeni si khushi seeing Shams like that. She thinks they are her duaa for her.


Lets not get carried away. He might think he is smarter than her, but as it turns out he is just as gullible as his wife. On a more serious note, VZ and All: Firstly because for dramma change we did not episdoe to see a lot of Maria, Laila and all the extras who.

I think she has kept the dream of Shams alive all along. But khairin all of this the one person who will finally get to have a home and a husband to call her own is Zarina. This episode practically had nothing to be shown but they just stretched for no reason. You are commenting using your WordPress. Zahra Mirza January 15, Preet Na Kariyo Koi — Episode 07! Shams, on the other hand, is too busy being in love with himself and his goal, to be a politician, which is the be-all and end-all of his existence.

Yes, even though this drama has a been there, seen that feel to it, I still kind of. And in this game of egos and wills between the kingmaker and the wanna-be king, Shagufta gets played again.