Also, My usual work flow is to shot in 60i and deliver in something more like 24p. This is also in the manual of the FX1. Gilles van Leeuwen Filmmaker. And more importantly, under what specific circumstances do you sharpen? Still need to hit my focus though. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Please enter a title.

Cool, so I’ll just try it a few different ways with some test videos and see what has the best final product. There are plenty of tutorials which can show you how to best use these sliders. I never use the standard Sharpen effect in any case. Let us know down in the comments! Return to posts index. So the shrink of the footage helps a little to. I’m very familiar with Ps, so I understand Unsharp Mask and things of that sort.

This last technique is suited for sharpening analog video and maybe fuzzy focus. Then I use the ND filter to get the aperture open.

A Simple Trick For Sharpening Your Footage In Post (& Having It Actually Look Good)

I dont know how its premier and use ps7 now which is old. Too much sharpening, and your footage will undoubtedly look like shit. Reply Share Share this answer: No advice should be accepted and implemented without testing to verify you achieve what you want with your gear to produce your content vs using someone else’s settings from their gear that they like for their content Everyone’s content is different Everyone’s visual expectations are different Everyone’s equipment is different Therefore: Thanks a lot for the help.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Granted, you can get ringing artifacts with Smart Sharpen, but you can push it much further before the onset of ringing.

What’s the best way to sharpen unsharpend HDV footage? : Adobe Premiere Pro

This is also in the manual of the FX1. The only benefit in my opinion of using the basic Sharpen effect is that it is an accelerated effect. One of the reasons why you need 10 bit prores to work with. I find that Magic Bullet’s Denosier II is a great tool for simultaneously reducing noise and sharpening. My own intro to ps has been from print ad stuff offset press.


Beware sharpening looks better when image is paused then in play. I’m good with color grading but I need to sharpen the footage in post now. To boil this tutorial down to its essence, it’s usually best avoid the basic “Sharpen” filters in whatever post production software you happen to be using.

Still need to hit my focus though.

So is there somewhere I can get feedback on some of these videos? Casey Fariswhose various post production tutorials have been featured on this site many times, recently put together another one that shows you how you can achieve fantastically sharp and detailed images ;ro many of the pitfalls associated with sharpening in post.

I have been using the unsharp mask like crazy for the past years. You can not post a blank message. Sgarpen definitely had over-sharpened files before, but maybe something more mild would look good. Unfortunately there is no deconvolver-type of sharpening available for video such Adobe’s Smart Sharpen in Photoshop.

Let us know down in the comments! So when I’m sharpening in camera i get a really hard edge around the shoulders and stuff. When deciding how you’re going to run camera settings, it’s always best to test extensively before running with a paying job as you are very limited in what you can do to compensate for over-detail, or lack thereof in camera footage.

What’s the best way to go about that?

What’s the best way to sharpen unsharpend HDV footage?

If you do want to oro not out of focus images a overall image add the effect straight to the clip and try different settings or place two instances of the clip on top of each other superimposed. How do you sharpen your footage in post? Contrary to its odd name, the unsharp mask is basically a sharpening filter that adds in a few extra parameters that you can control individually.


So I just learned how to turn off all image processing in my FX1. The bottom line is that someone with camera A can say “you need to set detail at zero” but if you use camera B, that exact sarpen may not produce the results you’re after.

I’d be cautious with any “sharpening” in post Fixel do a few other tools, like EdgeEncancer http: Instead, Casey recommends the “Unsharp Mask” effect that comes standard in all Adobe video apps. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

I never use the standard Sharpen effect in any case. My experience is that unsharp mask in PS is WAY better than sharpen dummied down, but it’s only good up to about this:. Please type your message and try again.

A Simple Trick For Sharpening Your Footage In Post (& Having It Actually Look Good)

Could I just paste a link when I finish something and get some advice from folks that have been doing this longer than me? Sharpen is a basic tool that doesn’t give you much control.

No one should be shooting with a DSLR these days.