In the context of previewing, this feature would use existing previews of nested sequences in the rendering of the parent. The latest version was CS5. This is driving me insane. I did chat with David. Premiere Pro export rendering is quite poor surprise, surprise. Does anyone else have a problem with Premiere CC lagging out whenever they use the titles window? It took me many hours last time to straighten everything out and get back to work.

Give the user the option to set the location and maximum size of the cache. I hope it helps us all. As it stands I have to swap out clip by clip in every iteration of every sequence that uses the master clip. A lot of editors seem to be in love with the relatively new Lumetri color controls, at least according to Adobe, but I think color in Premiere only went from terrible to mediocre when they added the separate color control system. Do I really have to point this out, Adobe? When dragging a clip in the Timeline from one track to the track directly below it, a tool tip pops up to display the time code differential between the clips current position and new position. And 10 might be my 1. Then makes the change.

My guess is that they are concerned about changing it because people who have been using Premiere for a long time have become accustomed to that odd behavior. If we turn Mercury acceleration off, it is way faster. Sounds like an easy and obvious one, Adobe! Adobe Premier does not so I have to drop and drag a preset every time I need to use them which is numerous daily in stavilizer daily workload. They live in bins.

I have one for you: My thanks cash Dave McGavran of Adobe for bringing me up to date. Would you be interested in touching base? Do I drash have to point this out, Adobe? I have different, less glorious needs. Sure, but allowing the video to keep playing makes for a fast way to audition cuts or skip ahead.

Warp Stabilizer Crash

Because the tool tip inexplicably blocks you from being able to drop the clip there. You take a phone call. It always worked perfectly before the upgrade. FCPX stabjlizer entirely resolved this issue. I had to re-install the version without the updates in order to keep working on my project. I know how long it takes to put these lists together.


10 Easy-to-Fix Things That I Can’t Believe Adobe Hasn’t Fixed in Premiere Pro CC

Did a Post-It note fall behind a desk in San Jose during beta testing and no one ever thought of it again? File references are all scattered all over the place, and must be cleaned up or copied around as edits are made.

The music jitters and drops words and skips back and forth in places. You end up leaving your computer for an hour. However, my system preferences were not. When you move the video segment up one level and over, why does the audio not match the adjusted track? I did chat with David. Oh, wait, that was Deep Impact. I have taken to simply exporting uncompressed out of AE when the project has been approved, just to eliminate the render penalties.

10 Easy-to-Fix Things That I Can’t Believe Adobe Hasn’t Fixed in Premiere Pro CC :: Packafoma Post

PPro would jump a light year if they just worked off your list for the next release. I have to move the mouse pointer over the middle of the timeline while I scroll even though the track selection buttons are obviously in the head. The suite does not work as well on PC as it does on Mac.

I have no idea what function that preference option is associated with, but it has zero impact on the, ahem, tool tips. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Anyone have this issue: Because of the issue you described, I often have to go the edge of the trimmed clip, mark a keyframe, then click the little arrow to find the keyframe that is no longer accessible, and then copy the x-position, y-position, and zoom settings one at a time into the new keyframe.

DOes it makes sense? The lack of tracks, however, was never one stabiliser them. Yeah, I have seen that. Nor can I drag a file to the icon on my task bar to have it open in PS.


I try to move the audio clip — it seems stuck, until I scroll up or down, then back to the clip — now it moves. Hi David, Thanks for reaching out. Subscribe to email notifications. Is it a requirement Adobe developers must above all aim to satisfy users with 10 year old systems?

Why complain about lack of background rendering and then refer crazh FCP7? Then makes the change. You apply it wsrp the clip.

WTF are you supposed to do when you bring all the clips you used into your color-correcting program and then render them back out? Wait, how can you render outside of Premiere? Which of course makes me want to scream even more… Just now I noticed AME removes all rendered projects from the Queue — so no reset, do again with different settings, etc — no, back to PP stabiljzer re-export… Thanks Adobe for another timesaving feature! Premiere can do that for DL stuff with Audition, and anything you render and replace in Premiere.

This simple, standard organization which has existed in other NLEs for years makes so many questions moot. Quality would conceivably be slightly compromised, but time savings would be huge. And god prevent us to eventually mess the effects stacking order and Lumetri is not hte last one… they we are doomed.

I am so thankful that you wrote this post!

I can do this in Audacity all day. This same problem applies to parameters in the Effects panel, where it is actually a dangerous issue. I will give your list a closer read when I have a chance, but I see some good ones on there! But thats a kind a silly strategy when you also kill off DL for SpeedGrade and let that languish when your up and coming competitor has THE killer color app and is charging hard for a full edit suite.