Compositors, Punn Wiantrakoon Job as: Other, Greg Mayer Job as: Executive Producer, Michael Giacchino Job as: The czar of Russia has died and a power vacuum has developed. Stunts, Mark Semos Job as: Special Effects, Ryan Meinardus Job as:

Visual Effects, Andrew Savchenko Job as: Compositors, Stephan Schaefholz Job as: Compositors, Todd Smoyer Job as: Compositors, Christian Saenz Job as: Gaffer, Thomas O’Connor Job as: Second Unit, Chris Castaldi Job as:

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Compositors, Sean Coonce Job as: Special Effects, Doug Passarelli Job as: The publication Stamboom Homs has been compiled by George Homs contact author. Yarodlav Supervisor, Greg Killmaster Job as: Transportation Captain, Aaron Skalka Job as: Transportation Coordinator, Steve Smitherman Job as: Visual Effects, Mike Fischer Job as: There are intense moments, the movie keeps the interest and the attention of the viewer by action, plot twists and relationships between the characters.


Score Engineer, Tim Simonec Job as: Assistant Director, Shane E.

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Compositors, Sherry Hitch Job as: Compositors, Tim Partridge Job as: Search Wie onder zoekt wie? Stunts, Meredith Richardson Job as: Modeling, Joaquin Ludewig Job as: Sound mixer, Pascal Garneau Job as: Camera Operator, Ronald Hersey Job as: Special Effects, Laura Aldridge Job as: Art Direction, Ronald R.

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