Then she tries to please him saying that she is determined that she would let yash go of the anger, or else he would keep standing still. Before he can do more damage, she tries to get him out of the way. He says that he just came as he wanted arti to lose the case and leaves from there. Asad says that its all been a misundersatnding. Suraj leaves when yash promises to make them better the next time. At the temple While gayatri has trouble climbing the stairs, she is about to slip when yash holds her and she blesses not knowing its him. Sign in Recover your password.

While yash gives balloons to the girls, Arti goes inside and comes running outside saying that ansh isnt at home. Arti goes to sit beside him and reminds him of his own statement not to be sad in tough situations and smilingly face the problems. He tries to involve ansh and the girls also into a word game that instantly gets ansh attracted and distracted too from his previous occupation. After thinking, he says that yash is busy in meeting and therefore didnt bother about ansh, and refused to come to ansh. He also clarifies that whoever breaks the rules, during the 4 minutes duration of the game, by revealing his face or identity to the child, would lose ansh forever and the other person would get the custody of ansh. Like 0 Dislike 0. When arti asks him what happened, yash tells her that ansh was taken by prashant. Welcome, Login to your account.

Sign in Recover your password. Arti comes and sees it all and asks for apology.

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Inside the temple, yash arrives with his family while the rest of scindia family too is praying. He lures ansh by giving him chocolates and toys and takes Ansh with pujar in the car. Arti, who sees him like this, tells him to go ask for jalebis from dadiji if he wants.

While arti cant sleep due to tension about ansh, he is having a happy time as prashant pampers him with all the love in the world. When prashant tries to follow them, yash intervenes and throws him on the ground threatening that if he ever tried to disturb anybody from his family again, he would kill him. Sign in Recover your password. Jnauary says that on humaintarian grounds, he would make ansh a better man and not think about him being brave.


Suraj marks a date on the calender and says that he would get yash and their grand daughters back to gayatri by then. Like 0 Dislike 0. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Welcome, Login to jankary account. Arti is very upset at the notice but yash calms her down saying that he wouldnt let prashant succeed in his attempy. She composes herself, wipes her tears and leaves. Before he can do more damage, she tries to get him out of the way. On Jan 11, In the playground Episods says that he would destroy arti and take each and every revenge, for whatever she has doen to him.

Outside, arti poses a question to yash that if this lawyer is the besta nd the costliest in the town, then how is prashant managing to afford him, since even if his parents have that kind of mony, they would never give it to prashant for this work.

Yash, in anger, leaves. Like 0 Dislike 0. While he is gone, ansh strays away from there. He closes his eyes for her to kiss him, but her eyes wander to the gaping hole in one of her sarees that yash was beating with the washing bat. Prashant however continues to tempt ansh by eating jalebis in front of him and motioning Ansh to come and join him, while arti has her back towards them.

On Jan 16, They tell arti that ansh was hurt and was sent home, so he would be here pknar. Welcome, Login to your account. Yash sits on the temple steps in despair. Gayatri, on the other hand, lovingly takes a piece and is about to feed him when she sees suraj watching her as he enters the room puhar is scared. Arti is relieved and satisfied to see yash there.


After he leaves, arti tries to ditract him by engaging him into playing with palak and payal. Prashant who is lying on the ground is lent a hand by suraj in being able to get up.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. The judge comes and says that ansh has equal attention and love towards each of his parents, hence the court couldnt come at a descision. Punar Vivah 07th January Written Update. He tries to involve ansh and the girls also into a word game that instantly gets ansh attracted and distracted too from his fpisode occupation. Buaji instigates suraj against arti accusing her of taking yash away from them and now putting up a pretense of being the ideal daughter in law, praying alongside them.

Ansh says to gayatri, that he too wants to eat jalebis. Prashant notices the kids laughter and turns around to find arti blindfolded. She is worried as to who is helping prashant in this.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Yash sees this from a distance.

writtenupdate: Punar Vivah 07th January Written Update

After she leaves, prashant approcahes yash. Suraj too is upset seeing her like this. Suraj watches all of this.

Hearing them laugh on the first floor, gayatri is all the more upset and leaves the dining table without finishing her food. Pari opens the door and is surprised to see him. Like 0 Dislike 0. Just then, the sound of running tap gives arti the idea to sneak out saying that she has loads ofwork to finish off. Ansh follows his advise while prashant watches victoriously. When she goes over to pamper them, the kids put her on statue and deliberately try to get her to laugh by sharing a joke.

Vviah are shocked to hear this.