Farah calls him stupid and cheater. Pakistan Idol Week 20 — Last Elimination! Right till the last minute Saniya was still threatening Ehtesham that she was going to leave for Australia, so nothing new there. I enjoyed watching this episode but had my fair share of giggles too. Another week of a decent episode of Marasim. Welcome, Login to your account. Drama Reviews Back to homepage. Alvira does not want expensive gifts she wants your time!!!

This episode laid the foundations for what is coming ahead. Firstly because it had to one of the most inspiring. They have pretty much given us. Pehchan is bound to. Sehrish acted like she needed some serious counseling! She will give him more money if he want.

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Zahra Mirza April 20, The drama has finally started to move forward- better late than never I suppose! I must confess that I love happy endings even if they are slightly unconvincing at times! The play Durr-e-Shahwar is very close to my heart for two reasons. Zahra Mirza April 28, Drama Of The Week: Izteraab — Episode 05!

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So the story has taken another turn. I liked the pattern of how the contestants were called on stage. Pakistan Idol Week 19 — Gala Round 10! This latest episode was much better than the ones we have seen in the past few weeks. He calls Farah and tells her that he is ending their contract. Prev Post Suhani aur yuvraj epjsode ek athooth rishtha.


Welcome, Login to your account. Suhani aur yuvraj — ek athooth rishtha. It was actually good to see that Zeeshan did not have a sudden change of heart. Pakistan Idol — Grand Finale! Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Bye love u all take care. Whatever the reason maybe, I started watching this show with a note that.

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Finally the most awaited episode is here.

Pakistan Idol Week 19 — Tenth Elimination! Talkhiyan was anything but conventional so I expected Pehchan to be just that too and the first episode proved me right. I was also thinking of that.

Sweetie 3rd Jul – 4: Marasim — Episode 05! This may prfcap a second or two. If we put it in simple words Mera Naseeb was. Rubaru — Episode 15! This was a very fast paced episode which made me wonder if the writer intends to wrap the play up in 5 episodes!

No ptecap way to wrap the season. Farah calls him stupid and cheater. I am glad they have taken enough time epiode establishing the characters because by doing so they have been able to make us understand more about them. Pehchaan- Episode 3 Review admin May 1, P Pehlay Farah, than Lubna and now Yasmeen. A password will be e-mailed to you.


D Zahra Mirza April 27, Firstly because it had to one of the most inspiring. Izteraab Episode 3 — Khala Masooma!

Arfa listens them and comes inside. Page 1 of 1. Finally, the much awaited genre of music was covered in Pakistan Idol tonight. Zara has finally decided that she wants out.

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Like 0 Dislike 0. She will give him more money if he pyray. Pyarai Afzal is the only show airing these days whose single episode is unaffordable for me to miss. I enjoyed watching this episode but had my fair share of giggles too.