Predicting live weight using body measurements in Afar goats in Throughout the sequence Theropithecus oswaldi is by far the most abundant cercopithecid, with the other taxa being comparatively rare. Tuberculosis TB is one of the major public health problems in Afar region. Those who rely directly on pastureland for their livelihood are vulnerable to the joint effects of pastureland degradation and climate change. Klein’s description of manic defenses in the face of loss has adult behavioral analogues with which the pastor must deal to bring mourning to resolution. Most of the pastoral communities utilize a single breeding male camel per female camels and this will affect productivity and heterogeneity of camel population. The topographic analysis result revealed that the slope range from – , with elevation of 1, – 2,m, with aspect to east and southeast are highly prone to landslide.

During the first decades of the 19th century reindeer pastoralism in Sweden went through a major crisis. We propose in our reconstruction of central Afar margin history that extension has been associated with important volumes of underplated mafic material that compensate crustal thinning. Thus in this paper in order to give an insight into theoretical foundations of German pastoral care and counseling the concept is illustrated in terms of definition, characteristics, subjects, objects, aims, tasks and theology. The chemistry of the lake is compatible with the water having originated from hydrothermal liquids that had reacted with evaporites and basalts, rather than residual from evaporation of sea water. Results of the geological evaluation of the ERTS-1 imagery of the Afar have proven the usefullness of this type of satellite data for regional geological mapping. Secondly, it aims to reveal some gaps worth pursuing by scholars in the discipline. This paper represents an initial effort to elucidate how the principles of pastoral care may be functionally integrated with those of crisis intervention. But the crustal movements at the regional scale are complicated by being the locus of the meeting of three divergent plate boundaries:

Management of agro- pastoral dams in Benin: However, more needs to be done to improve the worsening situation of the poor significantly.

The language and rhetoric used to reflect on these issues are discussed and evaluated. Full Text Available Abstract In recent decades Brazil has witnessed radical changes in its religious composition, with rapid expansion of Evangelical communities. Rwai aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of household food insecurity and underweight status and its association among reproductive age women. Anonymous pastoral care is one of the options for help in problems pertaining to sexuality.


These data have been used to define current and optimal animal stock rates aiming at addressing pasture management planning towards a sustainable use of forestland and shrubland. But the pastoralism became gradually too intensive and diseases started to spread when the herds were kept too densely crowded for milking in summertime.

SD simulation study on degraded farmland policy on farming- pastoral area under the constrains of water resources-Taking Tongliao City of Inner Mongolia as example. Weight and height measurements were carried out on children and that of mean upper arm circumference MUAC on children.

In a cross-sectional survey, we measured the prevalence of spiritual dryness in non-ordained Catholic pastoral workers, and identified relevant predictors. Maternal health service utilizations are poorly equipped, inaccessible, negligible, and not well documented in the pastoral society.

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To support the sustainable development of water resources, whether or not the land uses patterns of farming- pastoral areas is a reasonably important issue. Thirdly,the ability to respond to public demands is low.

Radial anisotropy, although poorly resolved laterally, exhibits S H slower than S V waves down to about km depth, and a reverse pattern below.

Calf mortality rates varied between The number of orkmo herding mountain-Sami decreased considerably, mainly because they went to live permanently along the Norwegian coastline.

Data oromoo also collected from health-care workers through questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. The rifting of the Arabian plate from the Nubian and Somalian plates is primarily accommodated by seismic and magmatic activity along two rift arms of the Afar triple junction the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden rifts. A crisis in early 17th century was the starting point for the transition to a large-scale nomadic orromo pastoralism.

Proportional to size allocation followed by systematic sampling technique was used to identify the study units.


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Full Text Available Effective pastoral counselling is influenced by appropriate pas- toral diagnosis. Their compositions closely resemble those of 1 depleted Quaternary Manda Hararo basalts from the Afar depression in Ethiopia and 2 one Oligocene basalt from the Ethiopian Plateau trap series.

More than half 78, Our results showed that fuel treatments implemented near the existing road network were significantly more efficient than the other alternatives, and this difference was amplified at rawk highest wind speed. The majority of remedies were the juice of single species, mixtures being generally infrequent.

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A cross-sectional ethnobotanical study was carried out in moovie kebeles of Yalo Woreda from October to December Surveillance for HIV-1 prevalence and subtypes in Afar Region, Ethiopia was performed among police recruits in the yearby unlinked anonymous testing.

Maternal underweight was associated with maternal age, marital status, parity, number of children below 5 years, household food insecurity, and vocation of the respondents. In European literature the pastoral persisted as a distinct genre and self-conscious literary tradition from Theocritus and Virgil through the eighteenth century. The authors argue that a ‘top-down’ governance oromi with no participation from move communities and a ‘one size fits all’ institutional solution are a poor fit for pastoralism management.

The text concisely describes the history, traditions, environment, social structure, religion, and daily lifestyles of these diverse cultures.

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Given the historical economic and social importance of the sheep-cereal system, the observed substantial modifications of land use suggest a need to assess their consequences in mkvie.

It is thus not the underlying profession or vocation and the related life situation or differences in social support, but predominantly specific perceptions, feelings, and attitudes that are related to the phenomenon of dawi dryness—and these can be found in all pastoral professionals who seriously live their spirituality.

Pastoralism has been variously defined in American literary studies.