Ho-jung for the win? Seo-young keeps her marriage a secret from Sam-jae and falsely tells him she is going to the United States for long-term studies. Lee Seo-young Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-woo Park Hae-jin are twin siblings who often suffered hardships along with their mother due to their father Lee Sam-jae’s Chun Ho-jin poor financial decisions and getting conned out of his money led by his own ambitions. Since when have his children done whatever they wanted then merely given him notice? Views Read Edit View history. I hope the journey was as enjoyable for you as it was for me, and I hope this is only the beginning of your time with us here at the Patch.

As you may have noticed, Koreans tend not to call people by their names, especially if they can use titles. Kang and now have a baby girl with Woo-jae. Despite being told to be given space, Ho-jung cannot help herself and always finds an excuse to see Sang-woo. All the participants, most especially the lead stars, did justice to their roles. His internal injuries are severe, and he might not make it. Still not giving up, Mi-kyung enters Sang-woo and Sam-jae’s formerly Seo-young’s rooftop house and discovers photos of Seo-young inside the Lee family’s photo album and instantly has clarity over the situation. Email required Address never made public. This is my husband.

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This site uses cookies. He gets out of bed, and she asks if he needs to use the restroom, and Papa Lee says he just needs to stretch a bit. And it was a resendi of forgiveness and reconciliation. He is still acting as the manager for Papa Choi, who has become the Biebs for ajuhmmas.

From the newbies to the leads to the veterans, every single person gave lights-out performances. However, things became complicated as the established lies revealed themselves.


Mi-kyung confronts Sang-woo about protecting his sister’s lies. Papa Lee softly smiles and says they actually met here in Jin-an. Your wonderful re-caps took the edge off my impatience while I wait for the subtitles. Seo-young sahangku now an accomplished judge and lawyer; she has earned her place in the family. He now works at a woodwork company, making wooden furniture and made a special rocking-chair for Seo-young.

Ho-jung now runs her own arts and crafts doll-making shop and is pregnant with twins. Seo-young keeps her marriage a secret from Sam-jae and falsely tells him she is going to the United States for long-term studies.

SINOPSIS My Daughter Seo Young Episode 1 – 50 – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Between a daughter, son, and daughter-in-law, the daughter is supposed to be the most comfortable to be with. Both you and Sang-woo.

Papa Lee rushes over to Mrs. Resensl for the recap. I will wait for new good drama but I doubt if there will be dramas that are nice and well made like MDSY… Again thank you so much resenxi the journey in your blog. Was her tower of stones still there? However, her controlling mother sends her away to study overseas. Though I have had my issues with writer So Hyeon-kyeong, I must give credit where it is due.

My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 50 (Final) | Carrotblossom Patch

You are commenting using your WordPress. Did anyone see the humor in the joint wedding? Eventually, he slowly realizes his feelings for Ho-jung but feels awkward to court his supposed wife.

Mi-kyung landed a special internship program in the US and is now studying to be a skilled internist. At the riverside, the kids well, grown-up kids all pay their respects to Mama Lee and Sang-woo introduces Ho-jung and Woo-jae.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful and insightful recaps… It was a perfect ending for a very good series…. She stops working for Jung Sun-woo’s law firm, where she quit as a judge and work as a lawyer instead, and decides to open her own private law firm to focus on cases of personal interest. He extends his hand, and Seo-young places hers in his warm clasp.


This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Yet it still feel like gorgeous wrapping to me. Weekend family dramas are, for the most part, quite predictable and formulaic. Who can say no to that aegyo? But Woo-jae-sshi seems like a dummy. Due to Kang Ki-beom’s loveless marriage, he has had a secret three-year affair with a younger woman, which he is ending, and has been avoiding his wife.

Though I did not expect to be wealthy, I thought I would be able to feed, clothe, and educate my children comfortably. Papa Lee just nods resehsi acceptance and slowly makes his way toward the windows. To make this a special moment, the twins would officially hold a second wedding ceremony with Sam-jae present together with his children.

Secretary Yoon, who watches Youny from afar, seems happy and content. Because of that car impact to his abdomen, his internal injuries eayangku to cause serious pains in his stomach, and it eventually lands him the hospital. Thank you for always giving good eayangku detailed recaps.

She finds the trash by the door and grumbles that she told him to throw it away on his way out. In an age when so many families are broken and people find themselves lost weo the tempest called life, these dramas give us a glimpse into a world where love and family ultimately prevail. Sung-jae is busy as well, judging audtionees for Winners Entertainment.