South Park delights in spoofing stupid stuff on the Internet. Trivia At the end, it says Producer Robert Pooner, who is a reporter later in the show. This episode is kind of uncomfortable, completely over the top, and really, really funny. And probably a genius too. Full Cast and Crew. But in this episode to use murderers Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy as latter day Three Stooges killing and screwing corpses is really sick but bloody funny as well.

Where To Even Begin? This episode demonstrates what South Park is best at — ruthlessly mocking celebrities, introducing multiple plotlines fueled by political satire, coating the entire premise in bathroom humor, and yet somehow making the whole story feel grounded for its universe and strangely meaningful. How much money does the first guy give Eric Cartman to prostitute with him? South Park not only packs filth, gratuitous violence and satire into the show but also has ingenuity in the structure of its silly stories. This episode is kind of uncomfortable, completely over the top, and really, really funny. Archived from the original on August 17,

Kyle is noble until it costs him; Stan is apathetic; Kenny is largely absent but surprisingly aliveand Cartman is opportunistic.

As he learns to read, a criminal is on the loose molesting all the chickens in South Park. From then on, Cartman patrols the town on his Big Wheelenforcing his own brand of justice. Cartmanmeanwhile, masquerades as a police officer. And with the seventeenth season almost upon us in the UK I give you my favourite — at time of writing — seventeen episodes.


Our favorite trailers of the week include another round parkk “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. According to the commentary, this episode was written when Parker and Stone were completely drained of ideas, proving that the South Park team at their creative low can still produce something that bastardizes every sweet Christmas trope you hold dear.


The boys have only one option: Notify me of new posts via email. Stan is forced into a showdown on the ski slopes with some rich douchebag as Authortiah Park takes on 80s teen comedies in this episode and it is glorious.

This forces Stan to commit to a drug-free life. Incredibly, this episode was produced in THREE days — the shortest ever production in the series history! Aside from being chockfull of gags the episode is ingenious in the way it both presents the disabled in a positive and humour inducing light while sending up precious theatrical types at the same time.

Get ready for one of the most deserved smack downs in all of pop culture. The criminal leaves a note behind as a clue, forcing Officer Barbrady to admit his shameful secret: Season 2 Episode 4.

The prank backfires when Butters admits to having an incriminating video showing Cartman dressed as Britney Spears. And we all learn that in South Park, Colorado, apparently zoning laws are totally cool with approving Hooters like restaurants for 9 year-olds. Originally, Cartman was supposed to receive a gun during his stint as a deputy police officer, but Comedy Central’s censors were reluctant to show a child with a firearm.

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How much money does the first guy give Eric ,y to prostitute with him? And probably a genius too. Yes No Report this. It all starts when Epksode wears a poorly designed robot costume as a prank on Butters. The reason this episode rocks is because the boys are made deputies by Barbrady and what ensues is a baton-wielding Cartman dishing out violence to anybody who commits even the most minor of misdemeanours.

Start your free trial. Barbrady goes back to school after it is discovered that he is illiterate. Celebrities often take a hit in South Park and quite right too especially the ones who think they are important just because they act and sing songs. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.


This Week’s Top Trailers. In many episodes the cute, naive Butters ends up being the victim of some horrific experiences.

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Streisand was picked upon because she criticized Denver and whether she was right or wrong the writers really go souty town on her personality, tortuous singing and vain pursuit of agelessness and power; a truly great monster in a show which is full of great monsters.

I like many people am very simple and do not understand the economy as well and what this episode does is show you the layers and layers of stupidity present in a system which is patently out of control.

It was so weird and so funny, and no one had ever seen anything like it before. As such he became a surrogate father to the children and it is much to their dismay when he decides to marry.

The mayor sends Barbrady back to school so he can learn to read but school does not help him much. I always had doubts about being a parent and wondered if anything good would come soyth it, how…ever, in early something finally did.

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Is the book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” a real or fictional book? Favorite “South Park” Character. Leave a Reply Cancel rsepect Enter your comment here I really hate those guys!