Or just leave the screen lol It’s so funny how Parop here is completely changed from the old version. Hi thanks for episode 16 when would episode 17 and 18 going to me out thanks really appreciate you subbing this! Please let me know when they decide to air it and what date. I hope you can post the opening theme for this song when you find it. You take as much time as you need to sub and upload this drama. Thanks a lot for your dedication to Mai and Weir, they look great together! Krao euyyyyyy, so presumptuous!

I understand that you need your rest after Roy Leh Sane Luang. Probably will start subbing it in June or so. Upload days are Thursday and Sunday night. Feel so sad for Nuch because Asit and On don’t believe her. Glad you enjoy it. Thank you for uploading episode 9.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time out to do what you do. So excited to watch more this weekend!

Charming Deception

Ninja, I really like to watch Maya See Mook. I soo wanna spam with you jjinxx!!

I don’t hate or love this version Thank you so much for time!!! Hi thanks for episode 17 when watfh 18 be out? Thank you so much for your consistent hard work in subbing RLSL. Thanks for subbing this lakorn. Lol But my video is unlisted, the playlist is made public just so people with the link can watch it online.


JoyFeb 18, I mean Ninjakkn not Wishboniko! I just got back and I will start working right away. Hope that answer your questions. Thank you so much. Your subs will be something to really look forward to!

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Maybe its because of weir, but I started ep1 and 5mins in I turned it off. I will look forward to it and wait patiently for it. I downloaded from hotfile and played it on VLC and worked perfectly fine.

But if not, its ok. So their conflicts, fights and bickering are well grounded. Sorry, stupid of me! Thank you for uploading episode 9.

I will definitely follow your next. Feel so sad for Nuch because Asit and On don’t believe her.

Charming Deception (TV Series ) – IMDb

There will be 18 episodes. I watched the first 3 and the end of this lakorn… Totally forgot.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Would it be okay if we reupload this to another site and put it ohline our blog? Oh yeah episode 6 is here you are the best! Thank you very much NInja! I admire you very much can i ask you if you have a facebook account? Yesterday encoding the video took me 3 hours.


Wagch thank you so much! Lalita is pure evil. I will watch it when they are fullly sub. The link is provided up there under youtube playlist. I will wait for you to look for the song: I have downloaded this Lakorn throughout the links in this site, but sorry firstly, it still cannot snae opened so please let me know how to open it anyway?

I really like it. Did ep 15 not air??

When will the episode are going to be upload? They have to air this. Thank you so much for subbing this Lakorn! Hi Ninja, It took me a while to download.

You are the best!!!! Feel like checking on,ine channel every hour.