With less knowledge about family relationships, he struggles hard to achieve his aim to become a father without marrying. He shows no remorse and is just as cheerful as a man who knows he has done no wrong. Share your Thoughts Cancel reply Enter your comment here The film opens with a court verdict—Sathyanathan is sentenced to death for taking four lives. The latter, however, often come to be appreciated years later for their cult following. Today, of course, it has a cult following and is hailed as belonging to the top tier of Malayalam arthouse cinema. There is something eerily psychotic yet unnaturally heart breaking about that scene where he kills the young girls. It is a 10 minute sequence and it showcases a man whose mental faculties have broken down and is in a sense of insane outrage.

The story follows convict Sathyanathan Mohanlal who is awaiting capital punishment for the murder of two young girls and two men. The heir to a village elder’s family squanders his inheritance and bullies all and sundry. These films did not do well at the box-office at the time of their release. A film layered with mystery, fairy-tale romance and the complexities of the human mind, Devadhootan despite being a critical success was a box-office dud. He laughs aloud and talks gibberish. Unfortunate that it failed to draw in the crowds.

He shows no remorse and is just as cheerful as a man who knows he has done no wrong.

Sathyanathan Mohan Lal is condemned to death for brutally murdering four persons — two adults and two young girls — and is awaiting his final call.

A sturdy man in his monanlal 30s, who betrays no sign of his impending fate, walks into this condemned cell calmly with no sense of fear. You can read the original article here. You are commenting using your Twitter mmovie. Pedi kore kazhiyumbol thamasha aavum, thamasha pinne pottichiri, pinne paatu, pinne karchil….

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The BGM is rising into a maddening crescendo. In a fit of uncontrollable anger, he kills Vijayan, his friend and the two sisters of Jaya with the hope of rescuing them from a similar fate. Krithyam niram illa — niram maari kondu irikkum.


The anger and frustration that he experiences as he realizes the fate of the girls erupts itself in a horrifying multiple murder scene. A poignant, intimate examination of humanity, Bhoothakkanadi is about a clock smith Vidhyadharan Mammootty who suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations.

In a moment of extreme paranoia, Sathyan kills the two girls in a bid to save them from prostitution and eventually both the guys responsible for her state. Sadayam follows the final days of a condemned prisoner, for murdering two little girls. Notify me of mvoie posts via email. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Mohanlal, Nedumudi Venu, Gautami. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows.

Vasudevan Nair revenge thriller in the backdrop of dusty heartlands, with two scintillating protagonists who rough it out to win the final battle of life was our first film truly in the class of the Spaghetti Western genre. And tears run down my cheeks unchecked. Only MT could have thought of such a complicated story line.

The atmosphere is built gradually mohhanlal tense background music and the usage of dim lights with a sdaayam tinge, magnifying the impact of the gruesomeness of the scene. Vasudevan Nair scripts a deeply emotional and disturbing human drama about a man who kills two innocent lives to save them from a sadxyam of misery.

There are appeals in lower courts and petitions for pardons by the cops as a matter of routine but Sathyan has no great interest in living. Filmography of Sibi Malayil. And of course, with loads of humour and Mohanlal mohanpal fine nick. He largely stays stoic to the events around him and smiles away mohanall attempts by Murali to save him but gradually, there is a desire to live and the first time he betrays his expression is when he breaks down crying hearing of a stay order against his execution.

Sadayam is also about mohanll starkness of the characters. Sadayam Theatrical release poster. He is adding the finishing touches to a red and black portrait of a man who has his tongue out with a small saw blade.


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With no other choice in front of her, she too joins the trade, leaving Sathyan distraught with guilt. Mohanlal, Suhasini, Mattanoor Shankara Marar. Does his smile capture the quiet delight of a man who has committed such a heinous act or is there a repentance of having committed a crime? The News Minute has syndicated the article.

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Jaya, the eldest niece, played by Mathu finds a glimmer of hope with the arrival of Sathyan. It is not a planned murder but is also not something mohnlal happens in the heat of the moment. Learn how your comment data is processed. Retrieved from ” https: The News Minute newsletter Sign up to sadaysm handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. For the first few minutes of the movie, he speaks very little but the eyes and body language speak a thousand words. I have been wanting to see you in close quarters.

As a product of a broken household, Sathyan is immensely disturbed when he sees the girls headed into a bottomless pit where there is no escape.

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From ‘Sadayam’ to ‘Kaiyoppu’: 10 Malayalam films that flopped but have a cult status

This is one movie which you need to see in one go waiting for each scene to unfold. Contact With Us Address: A sadayyam definitely ahead of its times, it exactly predicted the recurring disorder in Indian politics — corruption. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Nambiar briefs his wife about the dark, gloomy condemned cell is unnerving.