Prashant lies to Kumud that he is suffering from a brain disease. Anushka informs Kabir that she has overheard his conversation with Danny, and tells him that she does not believe in marriage. He becomes relieved on seeing Saraswatichandra in his hideout. Kabir dreams that Anushka is leaving for Mumbai. Meanwhile, Kumud dives into the pond in search of a pearl gifted by her father. The doctor informs her that Vidyachatur is fine.

Kalika informs Ghuman that she has revealed her misdeeds to the Desai family. Saraswatichandra tries to convince Kumud to finalise the house that is provided by the company. He pours a bucket of water on Anushka. Kumud informs Saraswatichandra that Kabir is involved with Ghuman. After making the pots, Saraswatichandra informs Kumud that he can leave the village on completing his punishment. Kumud wishes to tend to his injury.

Danny ignores Ghuman’s calls. Kumud serves food to Saraswatichandra. Kusum cooks Danny’s favourite food.

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Kabir waits for Ghuman in London. However, their parents remain adamant on their decision. Sunanda informs them that Jugnu and Kumud have left for Ahmedabad.

Kumud does not tell her family about Saraswatichandra’s letter. Danny becomes upset on learning that Kusum had been suspecting him of having an extra marital affair. Kusum calls Kumud’s friends, to learn about her whereabouts. Later, the Desai family becomes emotional, while bidding farewell to Anushka. Kabir collides with Anushka and has an argument with her. Sundarba becomes furious at Yash for discussing about Saraswatichandra and Danny.


Anushka learns about the same and manages to send Kabir out of her room. Kumud becomes worried as the maid is not working properly. Saraswatichandra informs Guniyal that Kumud is suffering from sarasdatichandra and uneasiness. Saraswatichandra throws Prashant out of the house.

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Saraswatichandra sleeps on a couch in the living room. Badi maa rescues him. Saraswatichandra attends the puja. Saraswatichandra calls Kumud, but hides about his whereabouts.

She tells Kusum that she saw honesty and sadness in his eyes. Saraswatichandra injures himself while entering his room.

Saraswatichandra tells Kabir that he is aware of his feelings for Anushka. Saraswatichandra informs Dugba that Kumud has been kidnapped by Sunanda. He asks Kumud sarasatichandra Saraswatichandra to stay in his house. Majnu makes a copy of Kumud’s photograph, and searches for her. The police fail to help Saraswatichandra due to lack of evidence.

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Menaka learns that she has left her passport in Ghuman’s house. Saraswatichandra and Kumud reconcile with each other. The Desai family learns that Danny has misbehaved with Kalika. Saraswatichandra, Danny and Kabir decide to inspect the storeroom of the school.

Danny fails to send Saraswatichandra and Kumud’s wedding photograph due to an eppisode connection issue. Jugnu requests Sunanda to let Kumud go, but in vain.

Menaka informs Saraswatichandra that Kabir is Saraswati’s son. Jugnu takes Kumud, who is in an unconscious state, along with him. She sees his face for the first time while he is asleep. He pours a bucket of water on Anushka. She suggests him to take Kumud to a place where nobody identifies them. Laxminandan informs Ghuman that Vidyachatur had mortgaged his ancestral house to help him. Saraswatichandra becomes delighted on learning that Kumud is accompanying him to Mumbai.


Danny learns that Vidyachatur is planning to present gifts to him and Saraswatichandra. Vidyachatur saraswqtichandra Kumud and Saraswatichandra for kite flying competition. Kusum informs Saraswatichandra that Kajal might know about Jugnu’s whereabouts. Sunanda asks Jugnu to take Kumud, along with him. Saraswatichandra explains to Kumud that he had not consumed alcohol in the party. Laxminandan asks her to buy gifts for Kumud and her family. Menaka pretends to be unaware of the same.

Kumud leaves for Delhi. Ghuman waraswatichandra Kumud that she will separate Danny and Kusum. Anushka tells Kabir that she does not believe in love. Kumud apologises to Saraswatichandra. Danny and Kusum pretend to be an ideal couple in front of Kabir. Prashant sends a refrigerator mechanic to Kumud’s house. Danny, Anushka and Kusum go in search of Kabir.