Dugba suspects that Saraswati had given birth to a healthy baby, and Ghuman might had replaced it with Janaki’s dead baby. Saraswatichandra notices Kumud, and chases the car. Saraswatichandra fails to convince Kumud to relocate to Mumbai. Ghuman informs Saraswatichandra that she is aware of Kabir’s identity, and his intention. Later, the main door of Kumud’s house gets locked, while she is outside the house. Kumud finds Ghuman and Kabir together. Danny overhears their conversation, and learns about Ghuman’s misdeeds. Saraswatichandra and Kumud thank Prashant for helping them.

The secretary of the building asks Kumud and Saraswatichandra to submit a proof of their marriage. Kumud refuses to show her face to Saraswatichandra because he had insulted her family by rejecting her. Saraswatichandra fails to convince the parents to send their children to school. Danny informs Kabir that he will tell Saraswatichandra about the deal. Prashant does not allow Saraswatichandra to pierce a nail into the wall. However, Saraswatichandra asks her to leave his room.

Kumari shows Kumud’s sketch to Saraswatichandra, and tells him that Kumud had seen his eyes in her dreams. Saraswatichandra informs Guniyal that Kumud is suffering from dizziness and uneasiness. She decides to trouble Kiran by cooking spicy food for her. Saraswatichandra consults his family doctor in Dubai and administers first aid to Vidyachatur. Prashant throws a stone at Saraswatichandra’s house. Menaka informs Saraswatichandra that Kabir is Saraswati’s son.


Saraswatichandra signs sarasdatichandra property papers, and transfers the entire property in Danny’s name. However, the studio owner tells her that it is the picture of a famous dancer, Roopmati. Kumud informs Saraswatichandra that Kabir is involved with Ghuman. The stranger introduces Kumud to Sunanda. They suspect the security guard of the school on finding the key of the storeroom with him. Kumud plays a prank on Saraswatichandra.

Danny gives the papers to Vidya

Meanwhile, Saraswatichandra wakes up. Kumud likes the food, cooked by Saraswatichandra, and forgives him. Saraswatichandra narrates his and Kumud’s love story to Kabir.

Kusum, Kajal, Majnu and Saraswatichandra search for Kumud. He informs Ghuman that Vidyachatur has revealed the truth to him.

Saraswatichandra suggests Kumud to return to Ratnanagari. Kumud finds Ghuman and Kabir together.

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Prashant asks Kumud to help him in purchasing a gift for his friend. Saraswatichandra All Episodes Saraswatichandra introduces Kumud to Mr.

Saraswatichandra becomes furious at Kumud, and refuses to attend the puja. Saraswatichandra asks Kusum to give the property papers to Danny.

Saraswatichandra Episode (Saturday, 19 April )

Vidyachatur assures Sundarba that he will transfer the property in Yash’s name at the right time. Saraswatichandra tends to Kumud when dust falls into her eyes. Kumud tries to convince Saraswatichandra to tell the truth to Ela, but in vain.


What is My Phone Number. The parents beat the school’s cook on believing that he had poisoned the food. They inform Vidyachatur, Dugba and Guniyal that his brother, Kabir’s life is in danger. Danny sees Kabir manipulating with his car.

Kumud and Saraswatichandra like their new house. Meanwhile, Saraswatichandra returns to the house and apologises to Prashant. Saraswatichandra tries to convince her that he has not consumed alcohol, but in vain.

Saraswatichandra decides to stop Kabir from taking revenge on Saraswatichandra decides to persuade Prashant to confess to his misdeeds. Jugnu wishes to marry Kumud. Saraswatichandra informs Menaka that he has lied to her about Kabir’s life being in danger. Kumud packs Saraswatichandra’s bags and asks him to leave.

Swayamvaram I സ്വയംവരം – Episode 249

Kumud forgives Saraswatichandra, but refuses to relocate to Mumbai. Danny confronts Saradwatichandra on hearing her badmouthing about Ghuman. Vidyachatur arranges Saraswatichandra and Kumud’s tickets for London.

They decide to delay their visit to the school.

Meanwhile, Kumud notices that her mobile phone is missing. Saraswatichandra plans to take Kumud on a date.